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Krystal's Guide... (Archived)WilhelmDeus37/31/2013
This doesn't bode well for my playing skills... (Archived)Bag_San37/29/2013
Question (Archived)Mattiolo89107/12/2013
Just started, anything to know about time/days or true ending? (Archived)dragon008546/18/2013
counteract the lowering of stats (Archived)Valfrin46/10/2013
party heal and other item suggestion (Archived)
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hig level cloth for armor (Archived)Valfrin26/6/2013
play asia has this for 22 dollars. (Archived)wolfebanes26/4/2013
Anything i can do at this point to get true ending? Chim pie... (Archived)v0rren56/2/2013
Any tips? (Archived)pikapika21226/2/2013
Does anyone like Atelier Rorona more than this one? (Archived)
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Flauschtraut (Archived)angryperson7856/1/2013
hagel 100 quality platine vs custom made platine and other suggestion i need (Archived)Teasels45/31/2013
What is wrong with my palying? (Archived)godhimself15825/29/2013
is there a way to speak with gino or melvia while in arland? (Archived)Teasels45/27/2013
Wholesell (Archived)angryperson7835/25/2013
Soundtrack Question: Dia? (Archived)Roratastic35/21/2013
How to Synth ultimate items/equip materials videos. Hope it'll help you. (Archived)Sora_kun8525/20/2013
Am I screwed? True end help please... (Archived)darkzero29735/14/2013
Can't get boat events to trigger. Any advice? (Archived)
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