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Thanks everyone for supporting all the previous versions of this topic. It's finally time for the final one. Please do not post until I tell you to. This is really long. If you see any errors, mistakes, or whatever let me know and I'll edit it.

Table of Contents (ctrl+F is your friend, use it. Every section marked here can be searched and instantly jumped to)

I. Controls
A. Control Scheme/Options
B. Wii Motion +
C. Classic Controller

II. Single Player
A. Story
B. Gameplay

III. Multiplayer
A. General Info
B. Game Modes
C. Maps
D. Character Customization
E. Local

IV. Suit Upgrades
A. Primary Upgrade
B. Secondary Upgrade A
C. Secondary Upgrade B
D. Secondary Upgrade C

VI. Weapons
A. Ballistic
B. Energy
C. Explosive
D. Grenades


I. Controls

The controls remain largely unchanged from the first game. You can still customize it all to your own preferences. You are given a few standard set ups as well if you feel those fit your needs well enough. However it is highly recommended you take the time to make your own settings because the defaults leave a lot to be desired.

A. Wii Motion Plus

This game does support wii motion plus. The question is, what does it do? Not much. It will provide for slightly if almost unnoticeable smoother aiming. The main benefit of wm+ is that when you are pointing off screen it will still be able to track where you are pointing.

B. Classic Controller

The classic controller provides yet another way to play this game. It fits all of the same commands onto it that the wiimote and nunchuck does. However, there are a few complaints about how this control scheme is set up.
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5 years ago#2
II. Single Player

A. Story

Mr. Ford is back! As well as the hated Mr. Adams. Without spoiling anything I will say that this time Ford will have to chase Adams all over the known world. Including a few mythical areas such as Atlantis. You can bet that Ford has a goal to finally take down Adams for the invasion and destruction he has caused. He's out for revenge, but he is going to need help to do it. Throughout the story mode you'll be seeking the help of many different allies. Some you might not entirely expect after playing the first game, and some that may not be willing to help you.

B. Gameplay

The single player for the most part has been improved from the first game. There is much less repetition and much less linearity. There are still some linear moments, but nowhere near the level of The Conduit. Halls often open up into larger areas for you to work through as well as the occasional split path for you to choose between

Among the improvements is also the AI. They won't just stand there looking like they're brain dead waiting for you anymore. Neither will they just stand around during a gunfight. They now often have a reason for being in the environment. Whether that be interacting with something or ambushing you. Depending on the situation they will behave differently in combat. Are you weak and trying to find cover to heal? They're going to rush you. Are you pushing them back and killing them off? They'll just stay in cover and be as defensive as possible. This also changes depending on the weapon they are user. You can bet anyone with a shotgun is going to get up in your face. Ok, so that's not too impressive in this day and age right? Sounds entirely standard at this point. Even so, an improvement is an improvement.

One of the more interesting features of C2's single player is that you can use your loadouts from multiplayer. This allows you to play the game however you want. You hands aren't tied behind your back with whatever weapon the developers decide you should have at a certain point in the game. If you've unlocked it you can use it. This allows for a variety of ways for you to take on any situation throughout the game. The loadouts also include perks so those can also be hand picked to change up how you want to play in the single player.

One major reason to even play the single player is to unlock weapons and perks for your loadouts. The observant player will be able to find weapon blue prints and upgrades while playing through levels. These will unlock a specific weapon for you to use in single player and multiplayer. Saving your hard earned cash for those cool guns, perks, skins, etc. that can't be unlocked this way. What's even better is if you find a gun or perk in single player that you've already bought, you get a refund.

Single player now includes boss fights as well. There are four boss fights and they include multiple stages. This was something noticeably missing from the first conduit so it's nice to see it added here.
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5 years ago#3
III. Multiplayer

A. General Info

For the most part online multiplayer is fairly standard. You have your typical public and private matches. You'll have 12 people max in a lobby if you are playing standard, and 8 people max if you are playing hardcore. You'll be earning more xp as you play in the matches. You'll net yourself more xp when you play better and get more medals. Medals are repeatable rewards that you earn for doing specific actions. Not only will the give you larger chunks of xp, but they are also required to unlock certain perks. Along with medals you can also earn achievements. I'm pretty sure everyone knows what achievements are at this point so I won't go into detail.

The real difference is in how you select your game mode. You have to choose from options called grab bags. These are pretty much just game modes jumbled together. Before each new match the game will pull 2 of these modes from the bag, pair it with a map, and have you vote on them. The one with the highest votes will be what you are playing. For example there are hardcore free for all, hardcore team games, big team game, etc. grab bags. Now what exactly does this mean. You will have very loose control over the game mode you are playing. If you want to play team death match and only team death match, well that's too bad. You'll have to play objective team games as well because that's what the game pulled from the bag. Just be aware of that fact before you get this game expecting to be able to play only one game type. The only guaranteed mode you can play is free for all because it is in a separate bag from objective games.

This game uses load outs so you'll be able to completely customize yourself. There are four load outs that can be switched between in a match whenever you respawn. These load outs can be edited any time in game lobbies as well as in game menus. Each loadout has a primary and secondary weapon, a primary upgrade, and three secondary upgrades.

Another major feature of the online is that it is patchable. Is there a glitch or bug that is ruining the game for you? Well it'll probably be patched and fixed.

B. Game Modes
Hardcore Free For All- Free for all death match and only free for all death match. No other modes here. Radar and lock on are turned off.
Hardcore Team Games- A mixture of all team modes. Radar and lock on are turned off.
Big Team Grab Bag- A mixture of all team modes.
Free for All Grab Bag- A mixture of all free for all modes.
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5 years ago#4
C. Maps

There are twelve maps in all. A couple of them are redone maps from the past games. HVS took a poll on the most popular maps from the previous game and revised them for C2. There's a decent variety in maps and they all resemble the levels visited in single player.

List of All 12:
Lost City
Crash Site
Dig Site
Pentagon Prime
Sanctum Prime
Streets Prime

D. Character Customization

For each load out you'll be able to customize how you want your character to appear. You'll be able to pick a base model and then edit the head, shoulders, arms, chest, knees, and colors. This will all have to be bought in the shop, and some of it can get very expensive. The only one you will have unlocked from the start is the Trust Soldier. The rest have to be unlocked in single player and then bought in the shop. The only exception being the golden destroyer armor which was part of gamestops pre-order bonus.

Base Character Models:
Trust Soldier
Female Destroyer
Jade Warrior
Golden Destroyer (requires Gamestop limited edition code)

E. Local

This game does support four player splitscreen. You can play any multiplayer mode that is available as well as the horde mode called Invasion. You can select loadouts in splitscreen, but it is slightly more limited. Player one can choose from his available 4 loadouts, and everyone else can choose to go with whatever loadouts player one has made. They do not get to make their own loadout setups. However, if you want everyone to be on equal terms there are options available to set up a universal weapon set up. There is also an option to set weapon drops on the maps so it is a bit more classically styled. Among those options previously mentioned there are also many other settings you can tweak in a game. Such as run speed, health, health regeneration, and more.

Along with competitive modes I also mentioned Invasion. This is a co-op horde mode. Horde modes basically throw the players onto a map, and then spawn waves of enemies for the player to survive against. The further you get the tougher it gets. Enemies will drop coins which help you're score, and if you want to be particularly devious you can cause other players deaths to make them drop some of their collected coins. That is not generally recommended though because the better everyone does the longer the game lasts.
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5 years ago#5
A. Primary Upgrades

Capacitor: Greatly reduces charge time for weapons with charged functions
Heavy Armor: Reduces damage significantly, but also hampers your movement speed. Unlockable in single player.
Explosive Focus: Increases the blast radius of explosive weapons and reduces explosive damage that you take.
Energy Focus:Increases damage done by energy-based weaponry.
Reverse Damage:Your radiation grenades heal friendly targets. They still damage enemies. Also, you start with an extra radiation grenade added to the other grenades selected in your loadout. Multiplayer only. Requires medals to unlock for purchase
Ammo Salvage: When you kill an opposing player you have a chance to gain one clip worth of ammunition to each weapon and have a chance to gain a grenade. Maximum ammo carried is unaffected.
Essence Salvage: Killing an opponent immediately triggers your health regeneration. Unlockable in single player
Widowmaker Specialization: Your Widowmaker Turret fires at non-stealthed targets automatically requiring no input. You can still manually control it with the alternate function button.
Phase Rifle Specialization: Greatly increases Phase Rifle damage
Aegis Device Specialization: Aegis Device will still block projectiles even when the maximum mass has been collected.
Stealth: You no longer appear on the radar. Phase rifles will not be able to tune in on you through walls and Widowmaker turrets will not automatically fire at you. Requires medals to unlock for purchase
Armory: You can select two primary weapons in your loadout.

B. Secondary Upgrade A
Ammo Belt: You spawn with 2 extra clips of ammo for all weapons. Unlockable in single player.
Stabilizer: Your weapon accuracy is less affected by movement. Unlockable in single player.
Metal Legs: You have unlimited sprint. Unlockable in single player.
Helmet: Headshots do no extra damage to you but your weapon accuracy is more affected by movement. Multiplayer only. Requires medals to unlock for purchase
Bomb Bag: Start with an additional grenade
Phase Rifle Penetration:
Increases the range through objects that your phase rifle can tune in on a target.

C. Secondary Upgrade B
Speeds up how quickly you reload weapons and switch between them. Unlockable in single player.
Supercharger: Increases base movement speed. Useable in multiplayer only. Requires medals to unlock for purchase
Field Medicine: You can revive people and people can revive you twice as fast. Useable in multiplayer only. Requires medals to unlock for purchase
Blinding Powder: Your melee attacks cause a short stun effect on your target. Useable in multiplayer only. Requires medals to unlock for purchase
Mending: Your health regeneration is increased when crouched. Unlockable in single player.

D. Secondary Upgrade C
Light Armor: Slight damage resistance. Unlockable in single player.
Improved Melee: Increases melee range slightly. Unlockable in single player.
Improved Explosives: Increases blast radius of explosive category weapons slightly.
Improved Ballistics Damage: Increases damage of ballistics category weapons slightly.
Improved Energy Damage: Increases damage of energy category weapons slightly.
Phase Rifle Tuning: Your targets are no longer warned when they are being phase tuned. Multiplayer only. Requires medals to unlock for purchase
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5 years ago#6
VI. Weapons

In Conduit 2 the weapons are split into three categories. Ballistic, energy, and explosive. For the most part these three weapon types are divided up between each faction from the story. Human weapons are either ballistic or explosive, while the trust and drudge have a variety of mixtures of all three types. You can unlock some weapons in single player by finding their blue prints, or you can just buy them in the shop. However many of these weapons get to be very expensive, so you are better off getting what you can from single player.

A. Ballistic

SCAR: Primary
Fully automatic assault rifle. Zoom in using the scope to fire deadly semi-automatic shots at range.
Alternative Mode: Scope

SPAS 12: Pump action shotgun, loaded with anti-personnel rounds. Deadly at short ranges, but damage drops off quickly outside of a few meters.
Alternative Mode: Precision Mode

USP45: Secondary
German-made handgun chambered for the .45 ACP round. Known for stability and accuracy.
Alternative Mode: ADS

MP5KA4: Secondary
9mm submachine gun with a high rate of fire. Best at close combat, as it becomes less accurate at range.
Alternative Mode: ADS

HVS45: Secondary
This pistol fires high-velocity rounds and has a laser sight and scope. Damage is high compared to other secondary weapons.
Alternative Mode: ADS

Hive Cannon: Primary. Unlockable in single player.
This fully automatic weapon fires non-autonomous Para-Mite larvae that streaks toward the target and detonates on impact. The alternative fire lobs a pheromone spore that draws all subsequent larvae shots toward it.
Note: This weapon is also explosive
Alternative Mode: Pheromone spore that causes all shots to hit whoever is stuck with it.

Phase Rifle: Primary
An advanced sniper rifle using electromagnetic rails to fire a high caliber round. In scope mode the round can be tuned to a target up to 10m through physical objects and uses phasing technology to deliver it through the blocking terrain. Anyone being tuned will be warned unless you have the specialization upgrade.
Alternative Mode: Scope. Will fire through walls.

Widowmaker Turret: Primary. Unlockable in single player.
When placed fires fully automatic shots. It automatically detects targets warning the user when a target is available, and can be fired with the separate controller. The controller can manually operate the turret by using the alternate function button. It is prone to overheating, and can be damaged by enemy fire.
Alternative Mode: Manual control

B. Energy

Warp Pistol: Secondary
The lightest of the Drudge arsenal, this weapon fires semi-automatic blasts that will richochet off of any surface. When charged it fires a cluster of shots with the same properties.
Note: Shots deal explosive damage after they ricochet.
Alternative Mode: None

Deatomizer Mk4: Secondary. Unlockable in single player.
Semi-automatic weapon that fires bolts of plasma. It may function either in semi or fully automatic modes. When in semi-automatic mode, the Deatomizer may be charged to create an energy bolo which can ensnare nearby enemies in an explosive blast.
Note: Counts as energy and explosive when in fully automatic alternate fire mode
Alternative Mode: Fully automatic mode

Strike Rifle: Primary
This semi-automatic rifle fires blasts of Drudge bio-mass and can be charged up to release a devastating beam attack. Linking to the users nervous system it can enhance vision, duplicating the effects of a human scope.
Alternative Mode: Scope
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5 years ago#7
AEGIS Device: Primary
This weapon fires energy blasts, but its real power comes from its charge effect. While held, it generates a zero-point field that nullifies kinetic energy and stops and holds bullets, grenades, rockets, and other projectiles fired at the user. Releasing the charge fires the collected projectiles forward. The field is limited in how much mass it can carry and only projects in front of the gun
Alternative Mode: None

AR-C Eclipse: Primary
The charge function absorbs light, rendering the wielder near invisible to normal sight. As it fires shots it heats up, doing more damage. The weapon will freeze up if cloaking is overused, and it will overheat if it is fired too much.
Alternative Mode: ADS

Carbonizer Mk16: Primary
A trust heavy energy weapon, its particle beam can incinerate a target in seconds. The barrel can be toggled up to speed, slowing movement but allowing instantaneous fire when the trigger is fired.
Alternative Mode: Instantaneous fire

Dark Star: Primary. Unlockable in single player.
This ancient weapon fires a bizarre energy that adheres to targets it hits, inflicting damage over time. If a target dies while this energy is attached, the weapons alternative fire becomes available. This launches a singularity that will float toward viable targets and attempt to draw them in, destroying them utterly.
Alternative Mode: Black hole. Requires kills to use.

C. Explosive

TPC Launcher: Primary. Unlockable in single player.
Fires energy grenades in an arcing trajectory. These grenades have a short blast radius so they can be used in reasonably close quarters. Switching to alternative fire lobs proximity triggered grenades that adhere to the environment.
Note: This weapon also deals energy damage.
Alternative Mode: Proximity grenade.

Shrieker: Primary.
Fires volatile bio-mass that can be guided by holding the targeting beam on the target. Using the alternate function disables the targeting beam, but increases projectile speed and firing rate.
Note: This weapon also deals energy damage.
Alternative Mode: Faster fire rate and projectile speed. Removes ability to curve shots.

SMAW: Primary
Fires a HEDP rocket grenade, suitable against both personnel and hard targets
Alternative Mode: Scope

D. Grenades

Frag Grenade:
You're typical frag grenade. Explodes on a timer and deals a lot of damage over an area.

Radiation Grenade:
Will stick to anything including players and deal continuous damage to anyone nearby. Can use an upgrade to cause it to heal allies.

Flash Grenade:
Typical flash grenade. Blinds and disorients anyone that it explodes in front of.

For more information and multiple in-depth discussions on each of the weapons follow this link. Courtesy of SmallerRidley.
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5 years ago#8

Is there a party system?
No there is not. You can join any public game a friend or rival of yours is in but that is it.

Will there be occasional online events such as double xp?
Yes. In fact there is one going on right now as I'm typing this.

Does this game have glitches or bugs?
Yes it most certainly does. There are quite a few, but reporting them to HVS will help the problem. With any luck they will be patched.

What are rivals?
The rival system is the same as it was in Metroid Prime Hunters. It is a way to make friend codes more bearable. While you have to input a code to add friends, you can add rivals in random game lobbies by sending a request to the player. If they accept then you two are now rivals and can find each other in online games much more easily. You can also voice chat with your rivals.

Can I use wii speak with this?
No. You can use the headbanger headset and the headbanger headset only.

Are there single player bots?
No. You can play invasion mode in single player however. This is not the same as what bots would be in vs. mode though.

How many missions are in game and how long is the single player?
There are 7 story levels and 3 side levels that have to be found. The single player isn't very long. If I had to estimate off the top of my head I'd say 8 hours maybe. That's just a guess.

-If I haven't played the first game, will I understand the story?
To be frank.... No. This game starts about 2 seconds after the first ends. Luckily, in this day and age, a synopsis or summery is very easy to come across. I suggest YouTubing it.

-Is this on a duel layer disk?
No. Don't worry about it.

-how does one get a credits (cr) to get more weapons and upgrades
Credits are gotten through playing, basically. You can get them in singleplayer, multiplayer, Team Invasion, Split Screen, whatever.

-Can we use Gamecube controllers?
No. Neither in Online nor Offline.

You may now post. Oh and request sticky please :)

Credit to LigersRule. I used some of the questions from the FAQ topics he made pre-release.
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5 years ago#9
Sticky Requested.

Credit to LigersRule. I used some of the questions from the FAQ topics he made pre-release.

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5 years ago#10
stick topic
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