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TCon 2!!!!
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Nope. I got the fourth post.
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I suggest we celebrate with a dance party.

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I have to admit . . . when I saw the changes for the Grinder and Gladiator, I had my doubts about HVS. But what they are putting into TCon 2 is pretty amazing . . . the various multiplayer improvements alone are impressive (coop! YES).

The screens show a much improved art direction. The idea of walking into action is a sign of good design. (I loved the anecdote about an NPC knocking over a coke machine to use for cover.)

I think the story sounds better . . . and love the idea of really varied locations.

I know things can change by the time the game releases, but this has the look of an impressive game. I think we're looking at a jump in quality much like Assassin's Creed II where devs listened to gamers.

On the basis on that alone--of listening to what we said--I'll pre-order the game. :)

I think it would be good if the next thing HVS reveals about this game shows the thought that's going into level design. (I'm not a COD fan, but WW2 had some impressive level designs . . . not symmetrical.)
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Well, i would think they would keep majors things the same (major things= style of gameplay, FPS, ASE etc.) the same because it is a sequel even though its not in the same setting

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If this has better map design than MWR and equal/better balence then MWR will die.
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Yes we get it. You don't like MWR. Now get out.
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