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#1xplayer55Posted 3/30/2010 1:31:10 PM
Post you favorite TCON moment
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#2RichieGamerPosted 3/30/2010 1:32:31 PM
Obviously when the HVS guys posted pics of themselves with Doritos and orange soda.
#3sunfalcon9Posted 3/30/2010 1:33:41 PM
My personal favourite moment was when i reached final rank ._.
#4UltimateFlame13Posted 3/30/2010 1:37:51 PM
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#5UltimateFlame13Posted 3/30/2010 1:38:23 PM
What Richie said. As for an in game moment...any match with blaeu, nemo, atom, ryudo, conrad, dsr, iceman, etc.
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#6The_ShaderPosted 3/30/2010 2:03:33 PM
Playing Offline
First moment was shooting the head off a Drudge for the first time.

Best moment... would have to be playing in the final levels while listening to the epic music. Running to and from deploying ground cover, tossing rads in various chocke holds. Firing guns recklessly while listening to their reloads via Wiimote, and watching Prometheas's self sacrifice.

Playing Online
First, playing against Sand in TD, Complex. i jumped down from the second level, he jumped up from the floor.... mid-air shotgun collision, i died. ****ing awesome.

Best Moment. it was 2-1 in TO, Public, Human Complex, me with people screwing around (3 of them) against 4 guys ACTUALLY trying to win. They grab our ASE, making it 2-2, and i get pissed off because it happened because of a nade spammer. So (heres the moment) i take a Scar and SPAS, and load up on Nades, beginning my storm on them. i snipe 1 guy with scar while in the middle area, and proceed forward. after throwing 3 or 4 nades into one hallway while running down the other. some guys hid waited (i saw them beforehand) and IMMEDIATELY charge over boxes shooting the SPAS for one hit kills for 2 dudes. before grabbing their ASE, i took 1 guy out, and the other that just spawned with the SCAR. then proceeded to get 3-2, winning the game.

..... i know, very long story. but i'm just so damn proud of that one. it was so ****ing epic.
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#7mode333Posted 3/30/2010 2:04:12 PM
getting the game.
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#8incognito3Posted 3/30/2010 2:20:29 PM
Probably when i got the streets glitch, the smaw glitch not using the box way back when and when i save the ASE when its a step away from capturing and i return it.
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#9xplayer55(Topic Creator)Posted 3/31/2010 6:08:20 AM
Trying to tell a noob to leave would be like trying to tell an Atheist that God exists, it can't be done..
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#10paranoid71Posted 3/31/2010 6:30:37 AM
There's such thing as a favourite TCon moment?
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