Nintendo Power article about TCon 2

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awesome, thanks for posting :D
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My pleasure :)
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Vortex Cannon.
i never heard of a gun that uses the enemies bullets as a weapon. i am VERY excited for this gun. it'll be like the Riot Shield in Modern Warfare 2 as a distracter, but its killing capabilities is far superior. (and apparently has a awesome sound effect too.)

Phase Rifle.
A gun that shoots threw walls, but requires tuning from the player by twisting the Wiimote. i dont really understand. i'm guessing the Tuning has to be right for proper wall shooting or something.

Deployable Turret.
its name says it all. Once deployed, it'll alert you when it sees a target and if you 'press trigger' it'll auto-shoot. or you can operate it manually from a distance on a handheld.
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The new guns and the improved old guns im excited for.
Im gonna get ahold of the phase canon right away and ill be ready for a smaw bullet finally xD
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The new guns sound extrememly unbalanced, so I hope they fix that. Overall, sounds pretty cool. The new campaign sounds a bit interesting, however I'm not ready to get on the hype train just yet.
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I agree ^
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Looking good!

Looks like HVS have listened very carefully.
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No smaw. Please. No... SMAW
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theres a few different angles of ONE multiplayer map too, reminds me of Goldeneye, but bigger, and much more complex.

TPC Launcher New secondary function: TPC Mines
Apparently, the big exploding blue things can now be set onto the ground and act as proximity mines. possibly inspired by the TPC glitch?
Sparkster returns after 15 years in..... "Rocket Knight"
The Conduit= 5113-1194-6759 Name= Shader