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6 years ago#1
Do not post until I say it's ok to.

Table of Contents
1. General Comments
2. story
3. gameplay
4. Weapons
5. Multiplayer
6. Useful Links

1. General Comments

Conduit 2 has been announced, and with that came a good chunk of info. While we do not know too much, I thought it was enough to at least start an easy to find topic that has all of this info organized in one place. Hopefully anyone that just heard about this games announcement will find this useful. Keep in mind that some of this information may or may not change throughout the games development. I'll try to keep posting new info in this as it comes until an updated topic is created.

2. Story

"'s going to feel more like a full-blown science fiction adventure than an episode of the X-files" - Olson

High Voltage Software is giving more focus to the story of the game than they did on the first conduit. The story will revolve around what happens after Mr. Ford rushed through the conduit in the ending of the previous game. He will soon learn that there are other aliens similar to Adams. These aliens control different territories around the world. What makes Adams different is that he has been more successful than the other aliens, and now the ambitious Adams wants to take over the rest of the world. Ford now has to enlist the help of the other aliens in order to take down Adams.

The game itself starts up right after the first game with Ford out in the middle of the ocean after he charged through the conduit. He comes across a facility filled with hostile enemies just waiting to gun him down. This will all lead up to a battle against a sea serpent who is attacking the facility. Fords own weapons won't be able to damage it, so he will have to rely on turrets and a harpoon on the turrets to take the creature out before it destroys the generators that are powering the turrets.

Throughout the game you will be using Atlantis as a hub. There will be multiple portals in Atlantis that lead to different parts of the world, and you will have some freedom in choosing what area you want to go into first. One of these will lead back to Washington D.C. to recover an artifact from the Smithsonian. Battles within the city between Drudge and Trust are still happening, so Ford will have to work his way through these sides already battling each other.

3. Gameplay

First off, the control system from the first game is back. For those of you who do not know, this means the controls will be fully customizable. The control mapping customizable, and more technical details like the size of the dead zone, running speed, turning speed, the cursors sensitivity to movement, horizontal look angle, vertical look angle, allowing you to turn when the cursor is off screen, and if the cursor auto-centers itself when pointed off screen are as well.

Many complaints about the first game were with the monotonous level design and the constant hallways. Conduit 2 will not be plagued by these same problems because HVS are designing more intricate levels with multi-tiered areas, big vistas, and multiple pathways. There will also be a variety of environments that you visit such as Atlantis, Agartha, Washington D.C., and Siberia.

The enemies will be more varied and seem more alive then they did in the previous game. The enemies will no longer just sit and wait there for you to show up before they do anything. In certain areas there will be AI fighting AI as you enter. Enemies will also use the environment more now. One example is the AI will knock over a soda machine to use for cover. The enemies you fight will be specific to the areas that you visit. In Atlantis there will be thirty foot tall guardians, in siberia there will be robotic dogs that will come after you if you are detected by security.
6 years ago#2
Human enemies will be different as well. They can now use any weapon, and their AI will change depending on what weapon they are using. For example someone using a shotgun will be focused on rushing towards you, whereas someone with a sniper rifle will try to stay back and hit you from afar. HVS has also improved the variety of enemy appearances so it's not just like you're fighting the say guy over and over again. They have made a system that they can use to mix and match different helmets, shoulder pads, etc. to create a dozen different looks. Because of this their will also be destructible armor. So you will now be able to shoot the helmet off of an enemy soldier if you wanted to.

The All-Seeing Eye is getting some improvements as well. In the previous game it allowed you to detect traps, enemies, and other secrets. HVS agrees that this was underutilized in the previous game, and are going to try to correct this. There will be more puzzles and hacking games in this game. It's also going to be used as a detective tool. There will be more hidden conspiracy objects and secrets in the environment. When you scan an object you will also get more info on it in a data log. Because the ASE is tied to Atlantis you will be able to use it to have limited control over the guardians and other denizens of the city. You will be able to either repel or attract them depending on how you use the ASE.

4. Weapons

There is not too much to put into this section yet, but HVS has revealed several new weapons and a modification to a weapon from the first game. All of the older weapons will be in as well.

Vortex Cannon- By charging this weapon you can create a temporary shield that will cause incoming bullets, rockets, and grenades to float in front of you. You can then send these back at your target.

Phase Rifle- This is not only just a long ranged weapon, but it shoots through walls as well. For balance this gun will slow Ford down significantly, and once you've taken aim at your target you have to tune the weapon by twisting the wii mote.

Deployable Turret- You can set this down anywhere and control it with a hand held display that will alert you when the turret has detected someone. When it detects something you can either pull the trigger and let auto-aim go to work, or control the turret manually.

5. Multiplayer

Conduit 2 will attempt to improve upon the online system from the first game. 12 players will be able to compete online and will be able to talk to each other with wii speak. HVS promises new online modes, but is not willing to reveal any details just yet. What they are willing to reveal, is that there are going to be different character classes with unique attributes. You can also unlock new suit upgrades. For example you could unlock robotic legs which will allow you to spring over longer distances. They are planning on having one primary and two secondary slots for these upgrades. You will also have the ability to customize your characters looks using the same system that is used to customize the enemies in single player.

Local play will now be featured in this game as well. Two to four player splitscreen will be available for all of the games competitive modes. You will also be able to team up in a co-op invasion mode (also available online), which is mostly being kept secret.

Useful Links

Nintendo Power Article
pages in order:

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6 years ago#3
*feels like back in TCon 1*
6 years ago#4
On the 6th image, the soldier looks like he's wielding a blue melee weapon.
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6 years ago#5

From: RichieGamer | #003
*feels like back in TCon 1*

Yeah, it really does feel like that lol.

Oh and before anyone says anything, I know there are a few typos/errors here and there. I'm not too concerned about them, but if you guys are interested in stickying this I'll fix it up and re-post later.
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6 years ago#6
sticky requested

Hope there'll be a new badass human weapon. by new i mean 'Metal Storm' weapons. you know, the Metal Storm weapons like the 9mm pistol which fires three bullets at once with only ONE recoil. very accurate, very deadly, but uses up ammo quickly.
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6 years ago#7
How do you request a sticky?
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6 years ago#8
message detail on the first post
Everything I've learned about life can be summed up into three words: It goes on -Robert Frost
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6 years ago#9
Everybody say JAKERSON...YO
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