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6 years ago#11
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]
6 years ago#12
CoD MWR GT - FuSNCYaNoTiK, AoW Cyanide, AoW CYaNoTiK - 2455-0001-3345
Collaterals - 15|360s - 4|Bounce Shots - 2|Aces - 7|Ninja Defuses - 54|MW2 Ninjas - 5
6 years ago#13
That's why your still MY HERO

Make peace not war, hit the bed instead of the floor.
How do you get a bulls-eye when you bomb a head?
6 years ago#14
*Joins topic*


*resets computer*

Trolls who can't accept that HVS can learn

*tries to join again*

More trolls
6 years ago#15
Long way to go.
2% of GameFAQs users have this in their signature. If you're one of the 98% that doesn't, copy and paste this into your signature.
6 years ago#16
*locks on*

MW:R FC - 2019 3805 5701
6 years ago#17

aka_Ressurected posted...
*locks on*


I have to admit it, this one is win.

6 years ago#18
*shoots 4 shotgun shots per second*

MW:R FC - 2019 3805 5701
6 years ago#19
*throws 19318318319 nades*

*gets more nades*
Anti-Noob Fortress of Veteraness Council Member
6 years ago#20
*Glitches behind rock*

TKO Tony
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