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#1Combo_Breaker1Posted 3/31/2010 6:51:58 PM
Is it confirmed that you would be able to have more than 32 friends on your friend list? Just 32 people was horrid.
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#2papercupPosted 3/31/2010 7:03:06 PM
I don't think I ever had more than 15. >_>
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#3Combo_Breaker1(Topic Creator)Posted 4/2/2010 9:38:08 AM
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#4The_ShaderPosted 4/2/2010 9:39:07 AM
yes to this. But only if Friend Codes is eliminated.
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#5UltimateFlame13Posted 4/2/2010 9:45:03 AM
I hit 32 people easily, but to be honest I never really felt like I needed anymore. If there was someone that wanted to be added I just deleted someone I had not seen play in a while. That being said, increasing the amount of friends you can have is still a good idea. It certainly wouldn't hurt anything.
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#6SupahShnipaPosted 4/2/2010 10:40:39 AM
I hit 32 in about 2 days.

Give me 64 at a MINIMUM, I want to use my Wii-Speak with as many people as possible.

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