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6 years ago#1
Signed up on GFaqs for MWR so yea... But, I am actually eagerly awaiting this game. I have very high hopes for it.

Considering that CoD took like 8 iterations to get to where it is now and comparing that to TCon I have got to say that TCon actually has more going for it. Plus, considering the devs actually care about what the public/buyers say and take it into consideration we may be in for one hell of a game!! TCon had lots of faults and it's gameplay was repetitive and bland at times (I honestly don't see how anyone could argue this opinion) but hopefully HVS will right all those wrongs. Hopefully they make their game more "hack-proof" but if time has shown us anything is that hackers are almost impossible to get rid of. I really enjoy MWR but I also had lots of fun with TCon. The only reason I did stop playing was due to the sheer number of hackers. The spawn/weapon glitches were annoying and frustrating (especially the rocket/hive cannon super-rocket launcher) but despite those big faults the overall gameplay was good. I hope they don't have the pick weapon sets style of multiplayer like they did in TCon because really the only balanced weapon set, imo, was Near/Far. I hated the Explosive weapon set. It was fun the first 3 or 4 times but after that... it was just snores-ville.

I really think this game will be a major improvement over the first one. But, that is only wishful thinking. No one can say the game will be good/bad at this point.

Well I guess that's enough of a post for now.
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6 years ago#2
I guess I'm not awesome.
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6 years ago#3
Nope you are not. But do you want to be?
MWii FC1650-8600-6579 IGN-*]NoblWolf
Very Excite for TCon2
6 years ago#4
for **** sake! look up about this game before posting!!! everything you mentioned they talk about!!! READ THE REVEAL DAMNIT!!!

.... why isnt that Conduit 2 info stickied???
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6 years ago#5
I'm awesome? Cool. Hi NoblWolf.
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6 years ago#6
I read the information about them not-having weapon sets and stuff on another topic labeled "Attn Tony" or "Attn HVS"... I didn't even bother with those cuz even though I know HVSTony posts here on GFaqs I doubted he would say anything about the game on a GFAQS board, but I guess I was wrong. And I read that after I had already posted so EEEXXXXCCCCUUUUSSSSEEEE me... And, so far on all the "official" announcements I've only read about a phaser-rifle, split-screen, suit upgrades, customization, a wanna be "Horde" Mode (don't get me wrong I like the idea but obvious rip-off is obvious). So, for ****-sake chillax The_Shader..

And yes, Aile, you are indeed awesome...

BTW, how teh eff did this board already get to the top 10 wii games? That's actually very surprising! But good.
MWii FC1650-8600-6579 IGN-*]NoblWolf
Very Excite for TCon2
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