Wow... hearing about this reminded me

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User Info: The_Shader

7 years ago#41
OH YEAH SYLUS!!! Dude, awesome work on The Conduit conspiracy stuff, if it werent for your hard work, i wouldn't have found out about who the Ducaz are or the suggested area/planet the Annuaki come from.

(i instantly remembered when you said back story compilation)

Great to see you here dude! welcome back! maybe this time i could help out with the conspiracy theorys!
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User Info: SA_X_Mk_II

7 years ago#42
Warp Pistol match in Infirmary... fun times. :D
.: Putting the laughter back in "slaughter" :.
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User Info: TehKrimboElf

7 years ago#43
Sylus, I remember you, and the long hair topic! lol
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User Info: Sylus2015

7 years ago#44
And now that you mention the Ducaz, I remember you, too, Shader. xD
You were a common name I saw in my topics.

And of course when this game comes out, I'll try to keep up with the backstory/conspiracy stuff. ;)

It's nice to know I was remembered at least. That's just one more reason I loved The Conduit: the fanbase was tight-knit and generally friendly. ^-^
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  3. Wow... hearing about this reminded me

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