My unique mode that can fit in this game!!! HVS TONY, read this!!!!

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This is a team based game. In this mode, no one dies at any point in the game. Players only get frozen or paralyzed, or something that forces them to not move from the place where they got shot down by the enemy. This player could look around but can not do anything else other than talk to his/her teammate. It is up to the other team players to come and revive him. Game ends if the time limit is reached (10-15 minutes) or when all the members of the opposite team are shot down ( so that no one can revive each other).

Strategy: Once you shoot some one down, you can hide in some other place and try to shoot down other team members that come to save the fallen soldier. It is up to the person that has fallen down to track this person that is camping somewhere and communicate their location to the other team mates. These team mates can decide to kill this person or revive their fallen comrade. But there is a problem to this. The team mates would only have a limited amount of time alloted to save their fallen comrade. This calls for TONS of team communication because in order to successfully achieve this, the team would have to send one person to kill the camper and one to revive the fallen team mate.

This would be really fun with friends and people you know, but it could also work with random people and still be really fun. This mode does require quite a bit of communication but it could be played without the Wii Speak (It would just be harder). With large, open environments, this mode could be really fun! Leave your comments on whether you like this mode or not.

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Good idea
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This sounds alot like a playground game i used to play. i forgot the name, but i remember having alot of ****ing fun.

this game mode can be achieved with random people if the characters in-game speak for themselves.

So if your out or hurt the Character yells out
"I'm pinned!"
"i need backup!"
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It would work is Wii Speak could be used with randoms, this is a mode that would require a LOT of communication.

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yeah.... smart people who plaued this (Red Rover? Freeze Tag?) know to find the 'hunters' before saving your friends.

Boguarding = Camping
Sparkster returns after 15 years in..... "Rocket Knight"
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Sounds fun as hell (O^_^)b

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I like that idea. Pretty cool.
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Reminds me of Ender's Game.
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Thank you guys for all your positive comments!! About the person that said that the game could have in game communication, I meant that the player would not be seen on anyone elses screen. So that would mean to describe where the team player should come and help him. I guess that could work if you can see all the people on your team on the screen with a different colour for a person who is shot down.

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sounds great
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