Hope the WiiSpeak is at 100% potential in this to talk to randoms and friends

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6 years ago#21
^Agreed. I like having the mute option, but it was useless in the first Conduit because you could only talk to friends only. I mute annoying randoms(kids for example) and I never mute friends.
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6 years ago#22
The Wii speak option was the biggest hook for me besides the online play.
As is with Monster Hunter 3.

But I think it'll be a friend thing again... Still it's not that bad. Go to Conduit Portal and you can fix up with many players. I almost forget they're private matches.

Oh how I long for a decent TCon match where you use speech to plan an attack or deffence.
But it seems most players are too proud to assume anything less than a leader or brainless Rambo.

I like to play a supportive role.
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6 years ago#23
"Well how can you explain Monster Hunter 3? You will talk to random people and friends in Monster Hunter 3. Is MH3 using Nintenndo's servers as well or is Capcom using their own for MH3? If Capcom is then other developers should follow suit and EA is on the right track."

Yea, Capcom is using their own servers. I also agree with the last sentence.
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6 years ago#24
as supa said ^^^

capcom is using their own servers for MH3 so they can choose their own rules....mostly.
is TCon2 uses any servers besides nintendo's, wii speak will probably be with randoms aswell as friends...but if it;s with nintendo's servers then no random talking.

if they make the invite system better in this game though, kinda like it is with CoD (not saying i want this to be like CoD but the party/squad system is really good) then talking with friends won't be a bad thing.
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6 years ago#25
I'm curious how MH3's speak will work.

I think you'll have a 2 way acceptence thing or even some mini code thing.
But I do like to have more of an aility to communicate with fellow online gamers.

Infact I saw a remarkable why of comunicating on TCon once.

It was in a three strikes match. Two players worked together on a free for all. After they eliminated the rest of us they exchanged FCs using the drudge assult rifle to write the numbers on a wall. Cool! I didn't feel so bad losing to such wisdom afterwards.
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6 years ago#26

From: NIK12787 | #005
^Look at Monster Hunter 3, you can talk to anyone in that game(confirmed by Capcom as well).

Capcom's servers noob.
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6 years ago#27
OK I understand now with MH3 that its Capcom's servers. Yeah Sega should definitely use their servers for this game. Nintendo needs to get their act together with their servers and this is basically the reason now that publishers and developers use their own servers for Wii games like what Capcom and EA is doing.
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  3. Hope the WiiSpeak is at 100% potential in this to talk to randoms and friends

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