An Idealistic custom equipment load-out system

#1GenericCommentsPosted 4/1/2010 5:47:26 PM
Let's think about this for a moment. Custom weapon load-outs means that people will choose whichever weapon they want right? What will most people choose? They are obviously going to go for the most practical killing weapon also known as the power weapons, rocket launcher, screecher, or carbonizer. In the conduit 1 that is what most people did always choosing explosives or heading straight for the strongest weapon. How should this be balanced?

I have thought about this for some time and I think that load-outs should have a point system for balance.
Every load-out will have have a given amount of points lets say 50. Those points should be spent on weapons, grenades, ammo, and perks that should have different values. For example the power weapons of the last game as a primary weapon should cost a lot more points than having a weaker weapon like the sub-machine gun. Here are example values:
- Power weapons with two spare clips (35 point range)
- Other weapons with three spare clips (20 point range)
- Side arm weakest weapons (free only one)
- Grenade, any type, up to three (5 point)
- Extra sprint (5 points)
- Extra Ammo, amount depends on weapon (5 points)
- Extra bullet damage (10 points)
- Stronger armor (10 points)
- Radar (10 points)
- Turret (15 points)
Also ammunition should not be infinite. That was a game-breaking feature to The Conduit's online. If it is present we will see campers that have the power weapons like in the first game. Resupply points and 8 clips of ammo must be removed in order to preserve balance of this point system and the game. This will also force players to be versatile they will have to use more than one weapon to maintain a killstreak.
Of course this is all just a suggestion. I hope it will be weighed and considered to produce a better sequel.
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#2papercupPosted 4/1/2010 6:14:45 PM
They've already said people will be able to pick their own weapons, there will also be classes and suit upgrades you can get, which are similar to perks.
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#3GenericComments(Topic Creator)Posted 4/1/2010 6:30:57 PM
The point system I'm thinking of and perk system are different.
Let's say there is an attribute that is very valuable and one that is less valuable such as increased bullet damage and longer sprints, respectively. In a perk system these may be seen as equal and both take up one perk slot. In the point system the more valuable bullet damage would cost more than the ability to sprint, rather than them being equal which happens in perk systems. The point system would be more balanced and not limited by slots for perks.
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#4SupahShnipaPosted 4/1/2010 7:22:22 PM
The currency system in which you can buy weapons, weapon upgrades, suit upgrades etc. sounds interesting.

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#5FPS1337Posted 4/2/2010 2:09:47 AM
I want it simple and fresh. Not like call of duties or anything. They already confirmed equiptment and stuff and i think I heard something about loadouts. This is what I want.

I want
-1 equiptment(Robotic legs make you move faster, power gauntlets give stronger melee damage, but nothing giving too much of an advantage etc...)
-1 explosive grenade-(frags, firebombs, stickys)
-1 tatical grendae-(flash,smoke and stun)
-1 Primary Weapon-(Large variety, can be trust, human or drudge, atleast 1 sniper for all groups, 1 automatic, 1 burst fire, 1 charge,1 heavy weapon, and a large variety)-the primary weapon is allowed 1 attachment (increased range ACOG scope for assault rifles, FMJ increased bullet damage etc...)
-1 Heavy weapon-(Stinger,RPG,Trust and drudge launchers, make sure these are not too overpowering and make them closed for most gametypes that are specified like Team Rockets...)
-1 Sidearm (Be creative, have maybe a magnum this time or a machine pistol.)
-1 kill streak reward after 5 kills (a airstrike (make it cool and futuristic though) at your disposal or perhaps UAV for a minute or even call a vehicle that you can hope into)
-Different armors

Thats what my loadout system is like for the conduit 2.
#6pobegamPosted 4/2/2010 5:44:13 AM

From: FPS1337 | #005
-1 kill streak reward after 5 kills (a airstrike (make it cool and futuristic though) at your disposal or perhaps UAV for a minute or even call a vehicle that you can hope into)

No. This would be horrible. Killstreaks are what makes Modern Warfare so crappy; every time someone calls in a helicopter I long for the good days of Quake 3 or Counter Strike 1.6
#7GenericComments(Topic Creator)Posted 4/2/2010 10:14:19 AM
Player gets 50 points to spend on the following
Equipment (Can not double up same perk)
- Robotic legs-make you move faster (5 points)
- Power gauntlets-give stronger melee damage (5 points)
- Jet Pack-extra jump(5 points)
- Radar-see moving players on radar (10 points)
- Automatic Turret (15 points)
Grenades (can only carry three)
- Frag, firebomb, sticky, flash,smoke (5 points)
Primary Weapon w/ 3 extra clips
- Hive Cannon (10 points)
- MP5 (15 points)
- SPAS (15 points)
- TPC Launcher (15 points)
- Deatomizer (DA) (20 points)
- Strike Rifle (SR) (20 points)
- SCAR (20 points)
Primary attachments (optional)
- Bayonet-increased melee range (human weapons)(5 points)
- Acog/grip/laser sight- less spread (human weapons)(5 points)
- Grenade Launcher-allows primary to fire grenades in inventory (all weapons)(5 points)
- Experimental core-increases trust weapon damage (trust weapons)(5 points)
- Predator sights- see enemies exact location via their heat (drudge weapons)(10 points)
Heavy weapon (No attachments & replaces primary)
- Rocket Launcher+3clips (30 points)
- Carbonizer+2clips (35 points)
- Screecher+3clips (30 points)
Side arms
- Handgun (free)
- Dual Handguns (5 points)
- Warp Pistol (15 points)
- USP (5 points)
- Magnum (10 points)
- Machine Pistol (5 points)
Kill streak
- Human- Moves faster, better jump, better defense/attack against/with human weapons
- Drudge- Faster regeneration, stronger melees, better defense/attack against/with drudge weapons
- Trust- Invisible on radar but lower health, better defense/attack against/with trust weapons
The point values are only in those ranges they should not be precisely those values but around there.
How does that sound?
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#8The_ShaderPosted 4/2/2010 11:50:52 AM
umm.... the Deployable Turret is more of a weapon, then equipment. it tells you when it sees enemies, as well as being manual and automatically controlled.

Laser Sights should go to Trust, if there is any race dividing.

Unless they're like Battlefield where they suck at killing people.
No perk or anything that increases damage! that'll **** things up!

And about 'Side Arms' being the weakest.... Warp Pistol and USP.45 were arguably the best weapons in Tcon. That throws your whole point system into whack.

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#9GenericComments(Topic Creator)Posted 4/2/2010 12:35:37 PM
These are only estimated values I hope will be considered if there was a load-out currency system.
The automatic turret depending on how powerful they make it could range from a heavy weapon to just equipment. However we don't know how powerful it will be so I left it as equipment.
When I thought of the grenade launcher I was thinking that it would just be a grenade from the inventory that was given a longer range, and a slightly faster traveling speed. No kind of damage boost / one hit kill BS.
The Warp pistol and USP could just go up in value to about 20 points.
As for the bullet damage perk I think you are right, it should be removed.
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#10GenericComments(Topic Creator)Posted 4/3/2010 10:08:29 AM
Or perhaps bullet damage could simply cost more or be toned down. The point system's balance is not easy to offset.
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