Conduit based map Poll

#11FamliarStrangerPosted 4/1/2010 7:59:29 PM
Something resembling one of those maps from Metroid Prime: Huntersfor DS. A vertical cylinder with lots of floating platforms, mancannons, and lifts. Ther center has to be left wide open so you can shoot down or up into the other floors, or dive bomb all the way down. One of the most epic moments of any game I've ever played was in that game, when I jumped all the way down from the top floor to the bottom floor, accelerating to extreme speed, and managed to get a headshot kill with the sniper as I was going down. The Laser went right through his entire body, hitting the top of the skull first, going through his torso, coming out of his crotch, and hitting the floor right between his feet. Oh yeah, it happened.
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Standing are as follows:
Red&Blue Based Maps-0
Barren Wasteland-0
High-Tech Base( ie.Complex/Sanctum)-1
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