Melee weapon ideas

#11UltimateFlame13Posted 4/2/2010 9:40:10 AM
whoops, mistyped something

Trust: Energy Scythe- This weapon has the strongest attack power, an average range, but it has very slow attacks. The swooping nature of this weapons attacks can allow it to hit multiple enemies in the right situation.

Drudge: Bio-Whip- This is a spiked tentacle-like weapon that will attach itself to you and become an extension of your arm. Because of the biological nature of this weapon it secretes toxins that will poison and slowly damage your opponents on contact. The poison wears off a couple seconds after the attack. This weapon has the longest range, is a little slower than the knife, but has the weakest attack.

Human: Combat Knife- This has the fastest melee weapon attack, has an average attack power, but has the worst range. Can be dual wielded to increase damage.
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