Hey remember in the first game... (spoilers!)

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User Info: papercup

6 years ago#1
Those super weapons you would find throughout the story mode? I wonder if they are bringing that back, or replacing those weapons with brand new guns...
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User Info: The_Shader

6 years ago#2
They'll keep them. And add new ones too.

the HVS.45, Striker, Deatomizer - MK16 (or MK8?) looked so badass....
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User Info: sunfalcon9

6 years ago#3
Dethomizer MK9

User Info: noobpower13

6 years ago#4

dethoraper mkDOOM

User Info: BrownsM1

6 years ago#5
they need to add them online in this game
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User Info: UltimateFlame13

6 years ago#6

From: BrownsM1 | #005
they need to add them online in this game

hell no
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User Info: TehKrimboElf

6 years ago#7
That would be hella broken.
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User Info: SupahShnipa

6 years ago#8
Oh, god. It would be the return of the Halo 1 pistol.
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User Info: mypokemon

6 years ago#9
^ can some one explain to me what the halo 1 pistol is? I've heard of it before on machinima.
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User Info: jayessbee23

6 years ago#10
The pistol in Halo 1 had a very nice scope, was semi auto and killed in three to four shots. Thus making it the most broken weapon in recent FPS history.
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