really people?

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User Info: xIIConradIIx

6 years ago#11
I remember your name and reading your posts man, but I don't think we ever talked or anything.
The Conduit : IConradI--1977-7953-9169
Brawl FC: 1590-7662-7737

User Info: Lilrosco

6 years ago#12
Dude Overly, at least check out the game before you make your final decision.
There is no better way to defeat your enemies but to slice and dice em right Link?...oopz forgot you can't speak. Well I guess a simple head nod is sufficed.

User Info: overlykilled

6 years ago#13
im just saying you guys are to willing for this new game why get so excited if the first one failed?? i mean single player was ok but its the only game i played with a dead wi fi:x this time ill try it but im not going to watch the date lol i don't even care much about the grinder ill rent that to:x
mwr overly-4365-1574-4297
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