The Conduit 2 is not going to be COD just because it has classes

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Both are methods of exploiting things built into the game for personal gain. Both can be severely hated or loved. One is offensive and the other is defensive. Both are things that could "ruin" a game for someone. Both are just tactics you're going to have to learn to overcome, even if that means resorting to using that tactic for yourself.

It's not a question of them both being exploits or of them both being something you have to learn to overcome. It's a question of how easily one can be overcome and how much of a benefit you really get. It's a lot easier to learn to adjust your aim and movement to hit someone jumping than it is to stop a stream of nades coming from someone you might not even be able to see yet standing by an ammo cache.
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Weapon unlocks are going too far.

Plus, Halo:Reach is having Loadouts for the Overshield, Active Camo, Sprint etc. NOT weapons.
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Bioshock 2 has bloody load outs too which hinders it, not to mention 2k Games gave us the middle finger(PC gamers) by not putting in Dedicated Servers or LAN.

Tomorrow I'm getting Bioshock2 for my birthday(I turn 23), and I'm pissed at 2k for gimping the multiplayer.
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