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6 years ago#11
Screw it I'm still using TCon2.
MWR Screen Name - Pur1fy
6 years ago#12
We already established this

TCon = The Conduit (1)
TC2 = The Conduit 2
6 years ago#13

Wait, WTF?! Dragons are real?!!
6 years ago#14
The Condu1t and
The Con2it, and coming soon,
Th3 Conduit.
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"get lost you nub" -Richitu
6 years ago#15

MWR Screen Name - Pur1fy
6 years ago#16
The Conduit 2 it
I'm neutral
6 years ago#17
Con2it, sounds the best
Waiting for: MH3, Metroid: Other M, SMG2, and CON2!!!
Hebrews 11:1
6 years ago#18
Ps3/Wii owner
PSN: mode334
6 years ago#19
Conduit 2.

Lazy little ****s.
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