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6 years ago#1
i found them on youtube one da thinking it would be really mean to the conduit but its more like a red vs. blue kinda thing for it. its really funny the only dissapointing thing is the fact the they have crap video and audio quality and that they only hav 4 episodes right now
still pretty funny though
6 years ago#2
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]
6 years ago#3
meh they where funny but i didnt understand what was going on the reason i like conduidiots better is because its more of a story
what i liked better about noobpatrol though was the quality (it didnt suck like conduidiots)

in retrospect i think they are both equally funny though
one is like jack ass the other is like a cartoon and they are both on my favorites on youtube
6 years ago#4
(i just changed my name because i didnt like the sack person thing anymore)

also they both only have a few videos. whats up with that
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