You wont understand the backstory unless you know who the Anunnaki are.

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  3. You wont understand the backstory unless you know who the Anunnaki are.
5 years ago#11

besides, the conduits backstory alone is a conspiracy theorists dream come true.

5 years ago#12
The Conduit has an assail load of story depth, and you have to devote about an hour of digging in order to understand everything.

Conspiracy Theorist's dream come true
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5 years ago#13
yeah conduit has a huge amount of backstory you have to find yourself. I still remember when the first board was trying to figure it all out in this topic...
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5 years ago#14
The Aztecs, Mayans, Incans, and others were founded by Annunaki remnants, who wanted revenge on Annunaki elite who sunk Atlantis to kill the Annunaki remnants that were starting to drift off. The survivors (remnants who decided to take leadership among humans) wanted the pure Annunaki elite from their home world to come back and resupply/save them, but the Attas are preventing them. In the conduit, Adams would be a Annunaki who survived or a descendant of one that did.
5 years ago#15
Wait, just thought of something.
What if they decide to bring in other super beings, besides the Anunnaki?
I'm extremely religious and I do believe in every way that them aliums (Rug Rats nostolgia!) came down and our ancestors were like "WOAH."
BUT is there anything else written in ancient world texts about aliens that weren't giants? Like, really small things instead?
(and yes, I agree with you all, this is a conspriacy theorist's dream come true)
TL;DR - What about other Aliens that aren't Annunaki?
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  3. You wont understand the backstory unless you know who the Anunnaki are.

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