Team play will really improve in C2.

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6 years ago#1
For TCon 1. What really got me excited the most was the support of Wii Speak. I was hoping the extra communications would enhance team games. I never really got that until recently but still I found TCon's team games an absolute joy. I also saw other gamers use that feature to their advantage. In an exciting team game I was the opposition's toughest enemy (And I know pro players can easily own me, still I play for fun.)

I knew these two were talking to each other and planning how to take me down (fortunately they were at the same level of skill as I). I think even though I would manage to kill 'em most of the time, They still enjoyed playing me as an opponent. And they did indeed get me back a few times too.

That's the sort of thing I love about online gaming.

Now reading all the juicy extras in C2/TCon2, I actually like the sound of these classes. Like the medic's heal gun. I'm rubbish at direct conflict in the first game. I preferred to act as a distraction or cover while my team mates get a chance to grab some kills.

This should be right up my street. I could assume this medic support. Providing the gun happy pros with some leverage. The enemies would surely have to plan to take me out first (probably easy too) but then allowing Gunner's and snipers to plug them.

It should be really interestling. I can't wait. Wel, I'll have to but at least MH3 should keep me occupied in the meantime.
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6 years ago#2
except I don't want to be forced into team play all the damn time.
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6 years ago#3
It's just my thing.

I'm sure TCon2 will be a riot in FFAs too.
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6 years ago#4
You probably will get money for healing.
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