I'd like to see this game for the Nintendo 3DS.

#11HVSTony(VIP)Posted 4/13/2010 12:56:26 AM
"tiny reduction in the graphics."

Conduit would need a pretty hefty gfx lowering overhaul to get it to run on the GC.

As of right now, your not gonna see Mr. Ford on any handheld any time soon. We are sticking with a lead platform and making it as kick ass as possible!

#12stufa1978Posted 4/13/2010 3:52:17 AM
^ ^ ^ ^

That was very well put Mr Knux. The 3DS perhaps would need to offer more of a hook. iPads and phones offer more powerful an innovative gaming tricks. PSPs, nuff said. And PSP2s well Nintendo had better get a bigger hook.

See even the casual DS fans like my parents wouldn't be bothered about an even better DS over their last one... as in DS1 not another one of those DSiXLlitesWithBellsOn.

I'm not a graphics tart. But clearly you have to consider using eye candy to pull gamers in.
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