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6 years ago#1
Okay, I know all of you have different expectations throughout this game and I want them to be heard on this thread.

What I expect from Tcon2 is suitable maps for a surplus of people or at least not make them symmetrical. Some dead vehicles that can provide great sniping spots (If it is real sniping), and more buildings to take cover. There needs to be some camping spots too.

Let's hear yours! :]
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6 years ago#2
A game running on Quantum 3 Engine. With a really big watersnake in a thunderstorm. Also, anything else they've announced to be in the game.

Now, what I would like to see in the game is a whole other matter.
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6 years ago#3
Expecting lots of awesome symmetrical maps that have been redone graphically. With some asymmetrical maps to go along with them.

Whats my Hype for this game? A unique hybrid of class and old school type multiplayer, with wii-speak strangers.
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6 years ago#4
A glitchless; quick matching making game.
6 years ago#5
I don't want a bunch of noob weapons and to explosive marathons. I think the maps should be random and some of the weapons that were in the campaign aren't online, like the gun that can shoot bullets back at you.
And, I expect finding a match much quicker and easier, along with a rank system that makes you want to play the game. Basically, I expect it to be CoD MWR on steroids

And Hi Fes :) <3
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6 years ago#6
The voting system must be removed.
The map design must be better than MWR's (if you cant beat the terrible maps of this then thats just sad).
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6 years ago#7
the voting system was removed
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6 years ago#8
Wow took me awhile to realize you Intoto. :) <3
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6 years ago#9
So we can pick our game mode and have random maps as well as pick our weapon?
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6 years ago#10
I'm pretty sure the maps are random on publics and you can create your own class. I think.
FE:SD-3051-3346-6547 CoD: MWR 4093-1302-2854
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