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6 years ago#1
crai moar

Spammer > people who lose to spammers.

who looks worse, the spammer, or the person who keeps getting hit by the same attack?

I personally am getting sick of people throwing a fit every time I throw a grenade...

Anyway, that aside.,
I came up with an idea to prevent this from happening in Con2

Move Decay.

Now, move decay is game mechanic that was introduced by Super smash bros brawl, And what it does is makes it so spamming the same move again and again is not as advantageous.

How it works is, Every time you use a move, It does less damage. So if you're spamming A LOT, what will end up happening is that attack will get weaker and weaker, And there would be a cap on how weak it would get.

This puts more emphasis on making every shot count. Exploits like canceling, that allow you to spam faster... Wouldn't be as advantageous. With items like grenades, It doesn't matter that you can hold six, if you can't make them all hit, you're just going to be screwing yourself in the long run.

It would also encourage people to learn more weapons. Right now, knowing more weapons just makes you more versatile, with decay, it would give you a more competitive edge.

How I envisioned Decay working would be, Every time you attack, if it hits or not, they attack is decayed.

Each move could be decayed a set number of times, for an example, lets say 10 times.
Certain guns/attacks would decay faster, to control their spamablilty.
There would be a set number of Decay 'slots' say 25.
So say you fully decay your melee, and your nades. and your gun has a decay of 5. All your decay slots are maxed out. so the next time you shoot the gun, whatever attack had taken up the first decay spot is cleared to make room for the next one.
So after that your decay would be 9 for the 'nades, 10 for the melee, and 6 for your gun.

So this allows you to 'Un-decay" your other moves. So if you have that weapon that you're just really good at, you can use other weapons to keep it fresh so you can continue to use it.

Also, when you die, It might cut your decay in half.

It introduces a lot of WAY more advanced play than other shooters have, and more decision making as well.

I talked to some friends about the idea, and they seemed to think it was good. But I wanted the opinion of some Tcon players. What do you guys think?
Do you think this would be a good thing to introduce to shooters? It would make Tcon even more unique, but most people, aside from the more competitive, probably wouldn't even notice a change.
6 years ago#2
It's not bad, but if implemented as-is, it could really detract from the game.
It'd take quite a bit of work to make something like this fit a FPS...

Still a good idea, though.
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6 years ago#3
It would of course have to be played around with to make it as subtle as possible, I just kinda threw down #'s to get the point across.

If it were to overwhelm the game, it would be pretty bad.

And it would be a bit of work as well.
The work it would require is probably the biggest downside to the idea.
6 years ago#4
Actually, to expand on this, a time-based decay system would work better. For example, if you use a grenade, your next grenade's damage will be halved for the next 3 seconds, and then it'll be at 60% for the next 3 after that, ect, ect, slowly building back up. For things like explosives, the "decay" would be pretty large, and the recovery time would be pretty long.
For sniper rifles, it should be based more on movement, so that camp-sniping isn't abusable. Ex. if you've been sitting for 30 seconds or more within a 10step radius, your rifle will lose 20% of it's damage after the first shot, then 20% of the remaining damage after that. Onece you move an amount multiplied by the number of shots you've taken in the area you've been camping, it will remove the penalty. Maybe even remove it in increments of 20% per camp-area length of ground moved.
For automatics, it needs to have a delayed decay so that bursts have full power, but spamming has reduced power. Say, for the first second, full power and accuracy, and then it drains by 10% per second or so. Then, as you release, the accuracy and power improves on the weapon.

This kind of thing could work really well, but it'd be really hard to implement properly. Maybe we'll see it in a sequel, but I doubt it'll make it into 2.
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6 years ago#5
Yeah. The time it would take to balance it out...

Here's an idea: if they decide this could work out well for a sequel, experiment with some numbers in a custom gametype so people can see how it feels, then get feedback from the players, like an open beta. Then, for the sequel, refine and implement it fully.
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6 years ago#6

I love the idea of a timer.

Um, as for getting the idea into Con2...
Its probably a stretch.

But then again, HVS-Tony did say they multiplayer for Tcon was completed in only three months.
6 years ago#7
And we all know how that turned out > >

A rush job would pretty much fail this idea right off the bat.
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6 years ago#8
Nade spamming fix'd completely with one action:
Remove Ammo Caches.
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6 years ago#9

It definitely would.
This is an idea where they'd have to be dedicated to see it through in order for it to work.
None of this 'testing the water' crap that so many devs like to do.
All or nothing.

I'm just saying, Even though it was rushed, they were able to get a lot of work done in three months. Decay will not involve nearly as much work as all of multiplayer did on Tcon, and they probably have more than 3 months this time around.

Also, Balancing is something that is typically done last, along with the debugging, and its not like they're past the window of opportunity yet.
The issue would likely be how much it would cost, rather than how much time they have left.
6 years ago#10
Here's an idea; if they implement it in a specific gametype or option, the variables used to determine decay/time could be stored in the game's save space, and edited by the player for testing. On top of that, there could be a uniform set for online that's loaded from the server, so they could update/balance it while the game is out.
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