HVS' bad reputation. Sorry HVS Tony but please comment.

#1stufa1978Posted 4/12/2010 5:03:12 AM
Now The Conduit 1 has had a lot of hammering from Wii fans and HD trolls alike.
And as a result, HVS get another nail in their seemingly bad reputation.

I brought up a topic in the WiiBoard saying HVS are Multiplayer saints! In response to my delight about the multiplayer features for Conduit 2.
Yes I put HVS in to see the response. Alas and needless to say many comments were not good.

HVS have been branded with a reputation of producing utter rubbish from a lot of folk. Many gamers in that board and indeed around the gaming world claim The Conduit (1) supports this.

I actually saw the glass as more full than empty and respected HVS for even trying to provide a much needed game to support Wii's library and Wii speak. I don't see many other's trying.
And despite the grumbles and flaws, I really enjoyed TCon.

And I really commend HVS and Tony for talking directly with fans about how to make a game better. Again, I don't see many devs who dare to do that. Con2 is shaping up to be the FPS I want for Wii, regardless who made it. I tell this to the Wiiboard and other places. I don't ram it in places where I know it's not welcome ( :) )

I didn't expect to turn folks around with my praise and theories.
But on that subject. There could be a lot of gamers who won't touch Conduit 2, despite how good a game it could be. They won't touch it and are convinced HVS will always be a feeble games company. A tough hill to climb.

Hopefully positive reviews might change this. But HVS Tony, what are your thoughts on this rep gamers give you.

I'd imagine you'd have to answer more carefully than the many simple minded game critics the industry has to please.
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#2HVSTony(VIP)Posted 4/12/2010 8:36:35 AM
You guys have to keep in mind that almost the entire team are AAA PC gamers. So we are used to features and graphics in games that rival the PS3 and 360.

That being said, we know the best of the best of the best games out there.

With Conduit, it was a solid first attemp from a small indi studio on our first IP. Did it have problems? Of course. Are we on the right track to making it better and better? You bet. And that's the important part.

Conduit 2 isn't just a tad better then Conduit 1. Already I would say its over 300% better and its not even alpha yet. Take it one day at a time and just as long as we get better and better and make the game better and better with the time and tools we have, we are on the right track.

#3twilight-XPosted 4/12/2010 9:57:52 AM
I love HVS this guy are like Nitendo's retro studio and Microsoft's rare all smack into one with time I believe this developing company can stand toe to toe with giants like Capcom, square enix, bioware and ....... etc.. keep up the great work
ps.. can't wait for E3
#4stufa1978(Topic Creator)Posted 4/12/2010 10:46:04 AM
Thank you Mr Tony.

HVS kinda reminds me of Lobotomy who worked on some fine FPS on Sega Saturn. A machine that was hideously under rated.

To be honest if The Conduit (1)included a 4 player split screen I'd be over the moon.

I hope the previews and reviews for Con2 will turn the heads.

As for me, I know I will enjoy it. I actually enjoyed the first one.... online anyway.
I have faith that HVS will do much better this time.
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#5The_ShaderPosted 4/12/2010 2:05:45 PM
Seeing HVS rise to the tops (with ALL the same employees! thats important!) would be incredible.

And if HVS ever pulls off a memorable platform game like Banjo & Kazooi..... i'd go nuts.

Personally, i wanna see an RPG from them. Take story examples from "Shadow of the Colossas" and "Chrono Trigger" and just gameplay from Trigger, it'd be by long awaited dream RPG.

.... seriously.... how come no other rpg's took Chrono Triggers team-tech gameplay?
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#6DarkZV2BetaPosted 4/12/2010 2:21:27 PM
Actually, a whole bunch did. I think before AND after.
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#7UltimateFlame13Posted 4/12/2010 2:28:17 PM

From: The_Shader | #005
.... seriously.... how come no other rpg's took Chrono Triggers team-tech gameplay?

If you're looking for a recent game that has Chrono Trigger styled gameplay (and graphics too) you might want to look into Black Sigil for the DS. It has a better story than what I've seen in most rpgs recently and it has a really likable cast of characters with a lot of humorous dialogue :). Main downsides are that is may freeze rarely, and the encounter rate is higher than what most people who haven't played older rpgs are used to.
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#8DarkZV2BetaPosted 4/12/2010 2:44:23 PM
Actually, the encounter rate isn't just high, it's very poorly tooled. It is not like older RPGs, as most RPGs, even from the NES days had a countdown timer that counted down by a random variable. Black Sigil, however, is just random. You can go through a whole dungeon without fighting anything, and at the same time, you can take a single step and fight 3 battles in a row before you can move.
On top of that, the general engine is very poorly designed, the spritework is as bad as your average RPG Maker trash, the combat is slow, the menus are stiff, the dialogue is pretty dry in spite of it's charming characters, the world map is big and annoying, especially with the high encounter rate...

Yeah, the game has too many issues to call it "good". It does have a charming cast of characters when the dialogue isn't bone-dry, and it isn't a bad game in a lot of areas, but it definitely is not a good game. It really is just a Chrono Trigger clone with some really bad design choices.
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#9stufa1978(Topic Creator)Posted 4/12/2010 5:17:53 PM
I'm annoyed!

Us poor Brits didn't get Chrono Trigger. Or that Earthbound, So I didn't know who Ness was.

It's not so bad for the US.
There's so many of you that even a game in less demand from Japan could potentially get more moohlah, consquently you get more cool RPGs than us.

So the console wars can really take a toll on us.

Oh well, I'll pay youtube a visit.
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#10The_ShaderPosted 4/12/2010 5:40:19 PM
HVS reputation i think is being made by Quantum 3. i THINK it even made Nintendo guys go 'WOAH!'

As for Chrono Trigger you guys.... no game made me fall inlove with the characters like that game did. Frog has been the epitome of badassery for me for a VERY long time, and Magus was the cause for my love of Scythe's. ****ing awesome weapon, the perfect decapitaters.

i know there has been games LIKE Chrono Triggers 'tech attacks and team-tech' gameplay, but i have yet to see one that does it as well. (Chrono, Frog and Robo had my favorite tech tri attacks.)
Sparkster returns after 16 years in..... "Rocket Knight"
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