Are they seriously making a sequel?

#31NickDreadskullPosted 4/15/2010 12:07:27 PM
ight GNA,
I think I answered your question. TCon got enough attention and praise (all things considering) to gain a sequel. there has been some smelly games which would kick start fine sagas.

Monster Hunter?
I'm getting it. If anything the online should keep me happy until Con2 comes out.
Alas I'm in the UK. So I won't be able to meet my fellow US hunters for this one.

Ice Cream?
It has to be Rum Raisen. I'm partial to a good, gooey, black cherry Cart'Dor too.
Oh throw on some caramel while we're at it too.

Geez I miss looking at my feet.

YEY i live in the UK too :D we can still play together
work out the next two numbers in this sequence and you get a cookie last person=Nintendude 4 12 56 992 16256