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6 years ago#21
I hope they put different skulls for different kill types (number of people killed on multikill=number of skulls displayed, snipes have a little "X" at the top of the skull, assassination type kills have ninja skulls, etc). Oh yeah, and hopefully you get cash for achievements, or special armor for specific achievements. That would be awesome.
6 years ago#22

The_Shader posted...
i like the flaming thing.

Player 1 gets a Reign of Terror, he is now the walking Ring of Fire.
Player 1: "AAAAHHH!!! #$%^$$!!!"

The two guys watch Player 1 run around like a chicken with its head cut-off.

Player 2: "OMG! that ****er is on firah!!!"
Player 3: "He's abusing the Warp Pistol! he SHOULD be flaming like ****!"

Player 2 gets a 3 kill streak

Player 3: "Stop stealing my god damn kills!"
Player 2: "AH!!! i cant shoot! theres flames on my hands! i cant see!!!"
Player 3: "lol"

Yeah, that would be funny, but I was thinking more along the lines of showing who is hot (like some forums do with "hot" threads). No damage to the "hot" player (unless they set it up so if you get too hot, you need to keep killing to stay alive). Likewise, if someone goes on a death streak of three deaths in a row (without any kills), they should look like they are inside an ice cube.

6 years ago#23
^ i am liking the idea of killstreaks and deathstreaks changing your appearance inside the game.

Maybe for each kill you get, tiny little ghosts fly around your head. Getting a Reign of Terror offers a awesome look of 20, hand sized, ghosts flying around the players body.

For death streaks, a halo appears. the more deaths consecutively, the brighter and more apparent the halo.
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6 years ago#24
And you have a point multiplier based on the streak. Kill someone on a 2 kill kill streak and you get 1.2 point. 3 kill kill streak would net 1.3 points, etc. Of course, kill someone that's died twice in a row and you only get .8 points.
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