How many PleAsE ReAd Dis AICH VEE ESS TOOANEEEE topics have you seen on board

#1CoelarapaimaPosted 4/15/2010 3:53:13 PM
-At a time.

Its kinda sickening seeing so many HVS TONY!!! I GOT ONE SMALL QUESTIOONNNN!!@!@!@

I counted 14 on one page yesterday morning :s
#2articshardPosted 4/15/2010 3:58:15 PM
yeah there are way too many. a good question or topic will be enought to draw his attention. i've seen it before. but i guess if it doesnt bother him, then it really shouldnt make a difference
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#3UltimateFlame13Posted 4/15/2010 4:13:39 PM
topic title gave me a headache
#4Bigmac909Posted 4/15/2010 6:03:57 PM
too many.
#5The_ShaderPosted 4/15/2010 8:06:05 PM
There needs to be a ****ing sticky in this board. Along with some ****ing moderaters.
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#6HVSTony(VIP)Posted 4/15/2010 8:50:35 PM
So you made a topic. Yours counts as 15. Whats your question bro?

#7The_Noah01Posted 4/15/2010 9:12:01 PM
^ lol nice

I'll ask a question...

Is there lobby chat?
#8IMA1337_FearMePosted 4/16/2010 7:18:15 PM
double kill!!! (think what you want)
#9RichieGamerPosted 4/16/2010 7:21:00 PM
And people...THAT'S the way to waste a question.
#10stufa1978Posted 4/17/2010 4:52:25 AM
I think HVS Tony knows some of us don't want to overbear him.

He's confirmed all I want to know. A dev can listen and it pays off.
And so many game players don't realise the good HVS is trying to do.
HVSTony does put angry critics in their place. And he does so in a civil way.
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