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6 years ago#1
The early sales data (for a partial month) isn't looking for Red Steel 2: http://kotaku.com/5518848/red-steel-2-us-sales-at-50000-expert-says-[update]

They fixed a lot in Red Steel 2, but it was a short game with no multiplayer. I'm sure requiring Motion+ didn't help either. But I really expected it to sell well. The relevant question is will gamers give Con2 a second chance, assuming that it too delivers on improvements as well as RS2?

I think paying even $50 for a single player only game is hard to swallow these days. I only want to lay down that much if the game has a long solo campaign, has high replay, or has multiplayer. I don't think RS2's numbers mean that Con2 won't sell well, but they do raise questions about Wii gamers.
6 years ago#2
Well, "the NPD sales only accounted for 12 days on the store shelves," so I wouldn't read too much into it just yet.

That aside, it seems to me that (assuming the quality of the two games is similar or equal) C2 will be received a lot better than Red Steel 2, since it effectively costs less (not requiring Motion+), lasts a lot longer (multiplayer, co-op, splitscreen, unlockables), and will hopefully have a better ad campaign (whoever decided that spanking a pirate will sell a Samurai game... is just weird).

Also, The Conduit wasn't widely received to be as awful as Red Steel was.

All in all, I think Conduit 2's got a damn good chance.
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6 years ago#3
I hope so, Blitzkrieg. At lunch yesterday, I picked up TCon again because I only got through 66% of the campaign. (Fallout 3 took me away from it last year.) I really enjoyed and would much prefer playing it than testing software that I'm now doing. :)
6 years ago#4
Forget all about HVS and Conduit 1 for now.

As a Wii FPS C2 looks to be the FPS most Wii fans could want.
With multiplay vs and co op on and off line.
It will certainly fill a much needed hole for Wii. I'm fired up about it.

Now going back to TCon1. Even as disappointing as many see it.
It did sell because it had somethings new to offer over other Wii FPS. Namely Wii speak.

But I am wondering if there's too many Wii fans who won't look at the game twice because of HVS' reputation.
I commend HVS for trying like mad to cater for Wii.
But sadly, a lot of gamers can be very unforgiving.

I just hope C2 will surprise doubters and fans alike.

Besides, I want more players for it.
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6 years ago#5
Second chances; I got one. Went to law school, became a lawyer, and then a judge. Now, I get to give second chances.
6 years ago#6
^I would expect a judge to be a little less ostentatious. Let's just say that this statement is highly doubtful.
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6 years ago#7
I know that Red Steel 2 lost out on at least two sales because it didn't have multiplayer. Red Steel 1 wasn't great, but it was pretty much the only real FPS option on the Wii before people simply gave up on the Wii. Red Steel 1 had four-player split-screen. Split-screen was fun enough and the stages were decent, but it only had around four of them. Rather than improve the multiplayer, multiplayer was cut entirely, which turned off some people.

Conduit 2 is a different situation. Conduit 2 is adding four-player split-screen, and sounds like it is trying to improve both the overall and multiplayer experience. On the other hand, The Conduit was arguably the worst FPS of this generation. I've gone as far as to argue that ignoring online, The Conduit was worse than some FPS of the previous generation (PS2, Xbox1, Gamecube). HVS has a lot to prove. Prettier graphics won't make up for terrible single-player design. Split-screen is good, but it won't matter if the levels and the experience are bad.

I'm annoyed at the path Red Steel 2 took, even if its single-player is improved. At most I'll buy it used, or rent it, or something. As for Conduit 2, I'd like it to be good. If it is, I'll buy it. But I'll probably wait a while after it is released to be sure, even if I hear good things. (Sadly, Red Steel 2 would have been an early buy for me if it had had multiplayer.)
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6 years ago#8
@saintxs: i didnt know judge mathis came to these boards?!
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6 years ago#9
LMFAO ty donkey punch, LOVE that guy. First thing I thought about when I read the topic title.
6 years ago#10
lol, i like judge mathis. hes a smooth ass playa from the streets
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