I'm confused!

#105mjonesPosted 4/17/2010 4:59:08 AM

i thought that the game called 'the grinder' for the wii was going to be the sequel for conduit :S

anyone clear this up?

#205mjones(Topic Creator)Posted 4/17/2010 4:59:56 AM
at least thts the idea i got from someone on the forum board for the grinder
#3CoelarapaimaPosted 4/17/2010 7:35:25 AM
lol no
#4shadow-stormerPosted 4/17/2010 7:39:37 AM
The Grinder is a FPS (For Wii) and a Top-Down shooter (for all other consoles) monster hunter game were you fight vampires, skeletions (Dracula's and Corpsefarmers in Top-Down) and other creatures.

The Conduit 2 is just a sequal to The Conduit taking place almost immediatly were The Conduit left off.
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#5stufa1978Posted 4/17/2010 8:48:51 AM
Ah see The Grinder was going to be HVS follow up to their Conduit engine.

As it happens, The Grinder is horendously delayed until late 2011.
With it's on and offline multiplay. I was gutted. Even I was cursing HVS.

But I takw it all back now. As Conduit 2 looks to be the all in one FPS i've wanted for Wii.
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