Conduit 2 Appetisers.

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User Info: stufa1978

6 years ago#1
Like Onslaught and WaterWarfare (wiiware online FPS).

Perhaps you'd like an appetiser before C2?

There's a cool looking Hastings paintball 2 coming out for Wii in autumn/fall.

Apparently it features 20 online.
Alas I would have said Transformers WFC is looking a fine online shooter too...
..For HD machines. Wii version doesn't have WiFi! A shame, it could have been good.
Nintendo translates as Leave luck to Heaven.

User Info: Prime011

6 years ago#2
I have some but they aren't FPS
Waiting for: MH3, Metroid: Other M, SMG2, and CON2!!!
Hebrews 11:1
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