How many guns would you want?

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6 years ago#1
I'd want at least 329085710369
6 years ago#2
30, + 9 melee weapons
double kill!!! (think what you want)
6 years ago#3
The 18 originals plus another 12 would rock. The current confirmend count is 25, so only 5 more until my quota is filled. This is assuming most all of the guns have alternate fire options.

From there all they would need are some neat gadgets to equip on the loadouts (proximity x-ray jammer to balance the Phase Rifle's ability to shoot through walls), and some more creative grenade weapons.
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6 years ago#4
I want the guns to match the number of unique ideas HVS can come up with.

If they can only think of 15 good guns, I only want 15.

However, I think 30 would be pretty dang good, 30 + secondary fire mode = like 5 times the gunplay options of the original, which should be plenty for anybody, maybe even too much for some.
6 years ago#5
I'm a little confused as to how many are confirmed. Some are saying there are 28 guns, NP said 7 news ones (so 25), and I think I saw that there are 10 new guns somewhere else. Anyway, I think 30 is a good number. Of course, there would only be 27 in multiplayer unless the prototype guns got nerfed...
6 years ago#6
i dont like how people keep bringing up some sorta x-ray jammer with the Phase Rifle. Listen guys, you gotta Aim AND Tune the Phase Rifle in order to kill. In order to balance it, have like.... 1 shot per 2.5 seconds or something, not some sorta jammer
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6 years ago#7
Yeah, have the Trust equivalent of a bolt-action rifle, and you'd have to scope back in after the reload. And I think that it has to be tuned to shoot through walls, as opposed to being tuned for every shot. Radar jamming is just a bad idea, it won't be THAT unbalanced.
6 years ago#8
The only way you should be able to shoot through walls is with a slow moving energy weapon.
Probably a relative of the ghost mine.

I'd call it like the Port Blaster or something.
Instead of a gun that damages whatever it hits, this mass of energy would not interact with physical objects. A small stream of leaked energy accelerates the small mass forward. The operator can cause the energy to release all at once, resulting in an explosion. Of course the farther it travels, the more energy is leaked, meaning the weaker the explosion becomes.

Because it is slow moving, it means that unless you were REALLY good, it would only be effective on somebody who was not moving at all, and because it gets weaker, it cannot be used across levels.
Even though there are walls, it is still making you approach to use it.
Also, it would be able to kill in one shot, but it would require both close proximity, and a direct hit.

It would be a very difficult weapon, but still tactically VERY useful.

I really hate the idea of conventional guns, especially human guns, shooting through walls. Every time I've seen it, Its made me groan.
6 years ago#9
Thats what i think, tune for amount of walls, and the Tuning performed stays.

God i wanna see gameplay videos, it'll in help figuring the guns out.

I'm very curious as to how the bullets an stuff gets repelled back by the Vortex Cannon/Blaster. Do they return at the angle they approached? or is the bullets automatically fly back directly into the general area around enemies in front of you?

...... which is the official name?
Virtex Blaster (IGN, most recent) or Vortex Cannon (Nintendo Power, first reveal)
Sparkster returns after 16 years in..... "Rocket Knight"
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6 years ago#10
Sniper Rifle + No Lag Shooting = Cheap
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