Will NPCs lie to you?

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6 years ago#1

Going along with the "trust no one" theme, I wonder if NPCs will try to point you in the wrong direction. The first kind of went that rout (with Adams), but you were pointed in a direction you needed to go anyway (well, you had no choice as that was the only way you could go). I think it would be cool if NPCs tried to convince you to do things that could make you fail (including multiple endings, or a simple game over), or at least get you to do things that would make life really dificult so you really don't know who to believe.

6 years ago#2

give Mr. Ford this choice. Kill 100,000 people and the rest lives, dont... everyone dies.

3 endings can occur, a genocidal one, an apocalyptic one, or an awesome one. By the way, the 100,000 innocent people die in the awesome ending.
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6 years ago#3
Nice. There could also be seceret upgrades or weapons the NPCs tell you about, but you have to figure out who is telling the truth and who isn't in order to find them.
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