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6 years ago#1
Ammo was basically unlimited in TehC, due to huge ammo count and ammo caches. I have an idea that would make this a lot more balanced. Now that we have loadouts (I've been thinking about how to implement this correctly too), we need some balancing. And power weapons simply don't fit in. So, my idea is as follows. Power weapon(s) should still be strewn carefully about the map for us to find and use, but they come with a very limited supply of ammo.

Ammo caches are a quick fix for this problem, and someone with a power weapon should have no trouble getting it. However, ammo caches should be very rare now, and placed strategically (and they'd be absent in small maps). They also should take longer to use and have limited uses. For example, in Bunker, each side could have a power weapon. Blue side gets the SMAW with only 1 extra round, but has a Trust ammo cache. Red side gets a Carbonizer with no extra mags, and a Human cache.

The game starts and I pick up the Carbonizer. I fry 2 people with it and run out of ammo, and switch to my Deatomizer and eventually get to their side. With enemies spawning nearby, I have to be quick. I reach their cache and in a frenzy press A. A menu comes up and asks which weapon I want to get ammo for (also if I want grenades) with a display of how much ammo remains in the cache. Like, it could say 2 Carbonizer mags remain, and once I take them, it will no longer have any Carbonizer mags for the rest of the game.

Suddenly, ammo caches become more important and power weapons less overpowered. This also eliminates the fear of everyone running around with the SMAW as their primary weapon, and gets rid of the stupid ammo problem in the first game. Anyone like this idea?

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6 years ago#2
Eh, it sounds better. More efficient. I personally think they should get rid of ammo caches all together. Leave the one power weapon in, you'll run out of ammo, and it'll be useless. That way you can't just use it the whole time.

Plus all the other weapons are either:

A: Primary and dropped by pretty much anyone you kill (easy ammo)
B: Spawning in 2 parts of the map, so you can go back and pick it up for more ammo.
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6 years ago#3
There are no more ammo caches since there's a perk that gives you more ammo.
6 years ago#4
^That's even better. Goodbye auto-SMAW, I hope.
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Pokemon Heart Gold FC: 4082 7699 2481
6 years ago#5
Ah, figures. Still leaves me wondering about the fate of the power weapons.
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6 years ago#6
Ammo caches are nice.
Especially useful for new players.

Jumping into a new game, learning where the guns are, learning where the ammo is, for every map.
Thats too much to throw at new players, they are at too much of a disadvantage and will be more likely to quit.

Ammo Cache's are a good way to simplify things. And the caches are totally reliable.

Its also cool because they create a strategic location.

I think they should stay, but they should be more balanced. Perhaps not completely stocking.
Or perhaps once the cache is used, its gone, and you have to wait for it to re-spawn to use it again.
6 years ago#7
^ That was basically my suggestion. But with the added ammo perk it might be a useless idea.
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6 years ago#8
Yeah, its just...

Lots of people are all for simply removing Ammo caches.
the whole "if its a problem, get rid of it' mindset is really annoying IMO.
Con2 doesn't need to get rid of nades to stop nade spamming.
con2 doesn need to get rid of smaw.
and con2 doesn't need to get rid of ammo caches.

They provide something that people enjoy, even though, yes there are some problems with it, the game will be made better if problems are addressed in a way other than removing content.
6 years ago#9
I bit ridiculous for fixing one problem.

We've all discussed this issue. Ammo caches have been removed, IIRC. There are much, much better ways of fixing the issues.
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6 years ago#10
One problem though...

The Ammo cache became a real part of the way the conduit played. Removing it makes it possible for players moving from Tcon to be dissapointed in the difference in game because of it.

Thats why I think its better to look at ways of making the caches work better before you consider removing them. People have been jumping straight to the 'Just remove it' option.

I don't think its a huge issue either way though, because Tcon is so new that not many people have developed real expectations, And the Tcon audience is so small, Con2 needs to aim for mass appeal, rather than pleasing the small number of Tcon players.
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