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6 years ago#1
You know the acronym for High Voltage Software is HVS, well, the HVS45 (the secret handgun developed by the trust for mission's.) is well, HVS... High voltage software maybe? Post your thoughts on this.
6 years ago#2
Um... yes.
6 years ago#3
So what are you saying by that? That you agree, you think I'm crazy?
6 years ago#4
you think I'm crazy?

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6 years ago#5
I dunno I think it sounds pretty cool "High Voltage Software 45 handgun". Sounds pretty badass.
6 years ago#6
I chuckled every time I saw a "Warning: High Voltage" sign in single player.
6 years ago#7
That was intentional. It was called the HVS45 because the game is made by HVS, and it's essentially the game's golden-gun. 1hit kill handgun.
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6 years ago#8
Yeah, I meant "Yes it was intentional". And I laughed at the random High Voltage signs too XD.
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