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6 years ago#11
I'll be living with 6 other guys in an apartment, so I can't wait for splitscreen. I'm pretty excited.

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6 years ago#12

From: XxCarbagexX1120 | #011

It could be. We've got everything you need.
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6 years ago#13
Red Steel had 4p splitscreen at launch.
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6 years ago#14
Wii's split screen FPS are actually great fun.
I mean, I got loads of classic Xbox FPS for SS with my friends.
But Wii's FPS local just seems more fun than say even CoDMW2 3609(Local).
Yes you can see where your enemies are hiding. But as you look you drop your aim and guard.
Then some blighter takes shots at you.

Even RS1's multiplayer has merits for this.
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