Will this game be worth it?

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6 years ago#1
I bought TCON and that sucked

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6 years ago#2
This game will be worth it
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6 years ago#3
This game will be worth it
Are you picking up what i am putting down?The official bowgun user. Jaggi armor ftw
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6 years ago#4
This game will be worth it
6 years ago#5
This game will be worth it
this is called a sentence, you should like put them in your sig and stuff.
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6 years ago#6
With the game still six months out, you have plenty of time to wait and see. Many things can happen between now and then, so just keep an eye on the game.

Just fixing the flaws in Tcon isn't enough to make Con2 good. They will really need to step it up, but it seems like they are trying.
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6 years ago#7
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6 years ago#8
It's all a matter of individual opinion.
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6 years ago#9
TCon1 was a miss for many Wii and FPS players alike.

But it had enough for me. The Wii speak in a FPS made it good fun despite it's obvious flaws.

Con2 is set to have a lot of features that you can't find on a single FPS package on Wii. Single, local and online co op and vs modes.

If you are used to the HD shooters, it might not appeal to you. But as I am a Wii only owner, I am geared up for this one.
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6 years ago#10

Das mah line D:
C-C-C-Combo Breaker!!!
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