I bet HVS Tony and his crew are partying right now....

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I believe Treyarch is developing the game and Treyarch likes the Wii. Black Ops is likely comming out on the Wii.
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SupahShnipa posted...
Ghost Recon:Future Soldier anyone? Could come outta nowhere and be a beast game. I loved playing GRAW on the 360.

Future Soldier has been confirmed for the Wii. I will be picking it up when it comes out (along with CoD 7 and Conduit 2). I do hope the single player in CoD7 isn't nearly as borring as it was in MWR. WaW's single player was great up until the sniping missions (extremely intense), but the sniping missions killed it for me since it played like an extended cut scene where I had to do things in a scripted manor. So far, even though there was room for improvement, The Conduit was my favorite FPS for single player on the Wii. I am certainly looking forward to the sequal. I also love that it sounds like I will be able to do things my own way up to a certain extent.

One thing is definite, 2010 is shaping up to be a great year for Wii owners, and I better get my fill of Monster Hunter Tri before this fall.......

P.S. HVS Tony, have you guys thought about doing a traditional western RPG/cRPG on the Wii? The console is severely lacking in this area.

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Yep, Ghost recon, Con2 and Black Ops . gonna get em all.