Have pride, HVS

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User Info: N64FTWxD

6 years ago#1
Watch this and take pride in your work. :)
I really hope you live up to this awesome expectation's of great games for the Wii from you guys. ^_^

User Info: psychobrew

6 years ago#2
Just watching that reminds me of why I don't like FPSs on dual analog controls.

User Info: seb03

6 years ago#3
You insult rare by comparing perfect dark to the conduit
SS FC = 4039 8551 3663

User Info: IMA1337_FearMe

6 years ago#4
^ lolfail
this is called a sentence, you should like put them in your sig and stuff.
98% of people do not have real sentences in their sigs.

User Info: N64FTWxD

6 years ago#5
Seb, I wasn't "comparing" them, that's not even my video. I was just saying they are making top notch games for the Wii like Rare did for the Nintendo 64. I just hope they stay solo and don't sell out to either Sony or Microsoft, not even Nintendo.
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