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6 years ago#1

The first screenshot looks pretty funky, IMO.
Call me Silly_Tunic!!! (mah videogame blog)
6 years ago#2
Oh and I never thought of it that way but a more action-packed Metroid is pretty interesting. Even though it's not confirmed to be like that the thought does intrigue me.
Call me Silly_Tunic!!! (mah videogame blog)
6 years ago#3

BLAARGH! This guy is epic. He totally needs a nickname.

This pictures quality is pretty low, I hope we get a better one.

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Tatsunoko vs Capcom [1290-9694-2868] - Zelgius
6 years ago#4

They didn't sound too excited about this game, but I thought it was awesome! The pics released, some of them are just WOW-ing.

6 years ago#5

This picture confirms at least one thing, either there is possible to play campaign + splitscreen or there is a jungle map.
6 years ago#6
That jungle level looks nice.

I also like the snow, it looks much better than MP3 so far.

Are these screens up to date?
6 years ago#7
No they are old except the shotgun one.
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6 years ago#8
Looking good, The more outdoor environments the better.
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6 years ago#9
Is the last screenshot on page 2 in-game? Cos it looks amazing, particularly the high-contrast lighting.

Also, that fiery Leviathan pic is pure badass.

The gamesradar guys are pretty anti-Wii, so I guess this is them being relatively nice.
6 years ago#10
^^ I think that pic is artwork.
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