So, Tony. What are all your responsibilities?

#1naruto3336Posted 6/1/2010 3:10:35 PM

I want to know all the things you have to do. These are the things I know you have said you are incharge and responsible for:

1. Animations of guns, hand of player.

2. Animation of the Leviathan (and other big bosses)

3. In-game cutscenes.

4. Box-art.

I was wondering if thats all you have to do, or if there were other things you are incharge of. :)

#2LigersRulePosted 6/1/2010 3:44:40 PM
Uhh..... I honestly think he has nothing to do with Box Art. At all.
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#3The_ShaderPosted 6/1/2010 4:22:18 PM
His opinion is probably valued at HVS... so they'll ask him of what looks nice or not with the box art.
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#4SupahShnipaPosted 6/1/2010 7:25:13 PM
I hope he didn't have anything to do with the Original Box-Art, I'd fire whoever designed it.
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#5HVSTony(VIP)Posted 6/1/2010 8:49:30 PM

- First Person animation system and cameras
- 3rd person NPC animations (split between me and other animator, but mostly handled by the other animator, Bill E)
- leviathan
-Some character rigging
- Red eye mocap direction and acting in some cases
-Weapon "feel"
-Wow moments and FP cut scenes
- And of course game input and cretique

Really tons more as well but those are the majors. I keep VERY busy :)

(I do nothing with box art)

#6LigersRulePosted 6/1/2010 9:11:09 PM
Ha, I knew it....

In any case, very impressive Tony.

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#7Phasmatis92Posted 6/1/2010 9:13:43 PM
-Weapon "feel"

Out of curiosity, what does this entail exactly?
#8HVSTony(VIP)Posted 6/1/2010 9:37:39 PM
"feel" - making the weapons have kick and weight. Feel like the players are holding it. Animate it with some tricks that make the guns feel right in the players hands and that the guns are fireing. This includes a delicate dose of the animation principles and a dash of camera moves.

#9naruto3336(Topic Creator)Posted 6/2/2010 4:16:54 AM

Then for a more realistic feel, if we wanted to have rumble everytime we shoot, would we have to ask you to do that? That would be freakin awesome! BTW, my respect for you has only risen. :) Same with everyone else at HVS, you hardworking bunch.

#10DarkZV2BetaPosted 6/2/2010 9:16:54 PM
Sound and visual effects are also very important for the "feel" of a weapon. Personally, while I didn't mind the SFX of The Conduit, I felt the human weapons often felt a bit... weak in that regard. The Shotgun and Pistol were lovely, but the Scar and that SMG just felt lame.

I hope for some more "bang" and "boom" gunfire this time around, with less "tak" and "tat".
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