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6 years ago#1
By far this engine for Wii is what it says, brilliant. Nothing but just brilliance.
6 years ago#2

I just wish it can handle bigger vistas like Xenoblade. But I guess Xenoblade is just unique that way. :)

6 years ago#3
Every screenshot ive seen from Xenoblade so far doesn't look like its running on Wii hardware. The crazy amount of AA gave that away right away :)

6 years ago#4

What about the videos? They look pretty believable that its on the Wii. Impressive for a Wii game but clearly not close to HD.

6 years ago#5
Yeah Xenoblade looks sooo good in motion. The vistas are just breathtaking and after seeing the new scans for The Last Story, I'm fairly confident Zelda will be fine visually for me. Hoping C2 can achieve the same greatness visually on a smaller scale. I really want High Voltage to make the other big name third party developers look sad in comparison.
6 years ago#6

It is fairly clear that unlike Conduit 1, Conduit 2 has tons more competition with it (MH3, M:OM, SMG2, Xenoblade, Last Story, Zelda!!!, possibly Black Ops). I really don't care if the visuals aren't the best among the Wii, as long as the gameplay as solid and most importantly: UNIQUE. I want to feel like I am playing Conduit 2, not CoD, not Halo, or some other game. The feel of the game is more important than the visuals. Visuals just help in making me like the game more.

6 years ago#7
Many Wii games use screenshots running from development hardware. For example, for Metroid Other M, all of the screenshots early on were 720p, as apposed to 480p. I really doubt MOM will be running at 720p.
The same applies for Red Steel and Medal of Honor Heroes 2. Both of those released high resolution screenshots that were covered with AA and filtering, and in the case of Red Steel, a lot of effects that didn't even make it into the game, as well as better assets in general.

However, in the case of Xenoblade, they look less anti-aliased and more just fuzzy.
This picture is jagged as ****, though:
It's also not very impressive. It's quite easy to render large, open spaces when there's nothing in them. If you saw something like that in a FPS like The Conduit, though, it would look horribly ugly.
Third person games have it easy that way. You can always zoom out until some cheap textures will look like a rock. It's how the Final Fantasy games looked "good" last gen.
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6 years ago#8
Here's a comparison bullshot.

Note the high resolution, supersampled AA applied to everything, including textures, high level of detail and high res textures.
This is not running on a Wii, as just the resolution should tell you. But even if it was in 480p, it's simply too smooth. No wii game will look that smooth as the system does not, last I checked, have a dedicated AA unit that forces AA on everything, nor does such a thing anti-alias textures. Only the edges of polygons.
The N64 and DS have more frequent use of AA than the Wii, x4 applied to every edge.
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6 years ago#9
HVSTony; could you please shed some light on the Wii's anti-aliasing; whether Conduit 1 or 2 uses it, etc?
6 years ago#10
Can the wii use AA? Yes of course. Is it a performance hit? Absolutely. If I were to guess, I would say that even enabling 2X AA would half the frame rate if not quarter it in the case of Conduit.

We chose not to use any AA in Conduit in lu of better overall visuals and frame rate.

I can also tell you that NONE or NO FUTURE screenshots will be doctored in any way. We cap directly from the wii frame buffer so if it looks good to you, thats how its gonna look on your TV!

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