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Hi HVSTony

I've heard many people saying that the reason a lot 3rd party Wii games look poor is because they don't properly use the Wii's TEV unit.

I'm curious, what exactly does it do, and do Conduit 1 & 2 make use of it?
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5 years ago#3
Lol, he means the Texture Environment Unit (of which I know nothing other than the name =D).
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5 years ago#5
The TEV unit is a sophisticated blender

That's a neat thread.
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5 years ago#6
Ah, I see.
So I take it Conduit 1 & 2 use it fully then?
5 years ago#7
Every wii game "fully" uses the tev. We just do it differently. Unless we post white papers on how were doing our advanced lighting, most everything about the tev you can read online doesnt pertain to us
5 years ago#8
but if you take a game like silent hill shattered memories, the lighting on that is far superior to anything we've seen by HVS
is that because they use different techniques to optimise the hardware or do they just have more experience?
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5 years ago#9
No, they just lower the texture resolution on everything and enable a single shadow casting real time light.

We chose to have advanced shaders rather then flashlight tech seeing as were not a horror game like silent hill where its very appropriate to only have 1 light. We also run twice as many characters on screen and about 4x the amount of vfx and animation data. But, because of the nature of the game, Silent Hill wii looked amazing and played great as well. One of my favorites.

5 years ago#10
To give you an example, if we were to take out all of the shaders and advanced lighting in Conduit, we could do what Silent Hill did no problem. Whats great about SM is the use of lighting and art. They really captured the mood but there really not doing anything super advanced. There just spending the wii power on the single shadow casting light rather then tons of VFX and shaders.


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