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BTW you can download the save file for Brawl in case you don't want to do everything all over again.

I thought of that but it's fun having a goal to unlock something again in the game. I think I'm just going to go through everything myself while I'm on vacation.
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That's true, it feels better when you do everything by yourself.
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Yes!!!! I want split screen to be shown a lot during e3 no split was the reason I almost canceled my preorder of the first conduit...
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makes me wonder if Ninty...finally catching a "clue."

w/ monster hunter running its own servers and MW Reflex allowing patching for on-line glitches....things seem to be heading in a differant directinon for Ninty's online.....

hope this stuff helps...
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Nintendo really isn't getting to their senses. 3rd Party Developers ARE. If you have noticed 3rd party developers are actually trying harder for the Wii Black Ops, Conduit 2, MH3. They squeezed through loop holes to get to this stand point. Nintendo hasn't done nothing they haven't changed the rules or enforce new ones, but aren't getting into any arguments with developers either. Right now gaming for Wii is balanced in my opinion.
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^ Cuz we all obey the rules that god Ninty gives us.

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5:29 ..... (my guess at what the Sea Hawks well get after beating the Bronco's at Super Bowl >:D)
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i thought there was supposed to be an online announcement from Ninty at E3 of some sort
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That's why we wait for E3. And if we get patches and DLC..... ^(-^0^-)^
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"Nintendo really isn't getting to their senses. 3rd Party Developers ARE."

If Nintendo still doesn't get it by next-gen, the few hardcore gamers left are going to leave.
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