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6 years ago#1

For 2-player split-screen, has it been specified if the screen is divided horizontally or vertically?

Also, I found in MW2 for 3-players, the 1st and 2nd players shared the top but the 3rd had in unfair advantage, as they had the entire bottom half of the screen.

6 years ago#2
According to Nintendo Power, it can be divided either way for two players. For three players I think one of the players is always going to have more vision unless HVS splits the screen four ways and makes one of those sections unusable. Maybe they will fill it with the scores or something.
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6 years ago#3
6 years ago#4
It would be cool if the unused screen in a 3 player game had alternating cameras following the action in various angles.
In Metroid Prime Trilogy it only shows the game logo...
6 years ago#5
It would be cool if the unused screen in a 3 player game had alternating cameras following the action in various angles.
^ This.
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6 years ago#6
That would be badass, but I get the feeling it would be a bit difficult to fit in.
I'd settle for scores or stuff, or even just a black space.
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6 years ago#7

It will probably use a system like Metroid Prime 2 multiplayer on the Trilogy version. Where they would work with what part of the entire screen is being pointed at instead of only one part.

6 years ago#8
^^^ uh... we're not discussing pointer aiming boxes, but actual visible split-screen layout.
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6 years ago#9
For three players, I hope they either make all three screens the same size or allow an option to set it that way. When one person gets a half-screen and the other two get quarter-screens, the one with the half-screen has the advantage.

What i think looks the best is to simply put black bars on the sides of the view of the person who would otherwise get half a screen. (Basically, crop the half-screen player's view back down to a centered quarter-screen.)
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6 years ago#10
I agree with Baines. The same thing happened when I was playing Halo 3 split screen. It annoyed me to no ends.
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