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#21DarkZV2BetaPosted 6/19/2010 11:22:40 PM
how would multiplayer even work otherwise?
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#22MrFigsworthPosted 6/21/2010 8:56:34 AM
bump! Because I really want to see my question answered if possible. I know it may be repetitive, but it's important to me. I would like to know the status of the voice actors in the upcoming sequel. Are the same cast from the first game coming back or not?
#23MKMaster93Posted 6/21/2010 9:16:06 AM
Hey Tony? Since the TCon1 maps are returning, and there will be differences for the different modes while playing those maps, what are the differences? Are they bigger? Smaller? More clustered? More ways of getting around? More destroyed? Or what? And, can you purposely walk on top of the roof on Streets now? Just asking.
#24CyberSturmPosted 6/21/2010 2:53:58 PM
Bump for my question too. Want to know if we get complete customization in Offline Multi like in MW2. And not some pre-set class garbage like in past CoD games for Offline. Obviously we get the customization thing Online, but what about Offline?
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