so like some single player footage if it hasnt already been posted....

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half horse, half man, all kickass
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i posted this a second ago and my whole topic disapeared....

anyways....i'll ad this to your post!

2 more Vids!

Part 1 – Hear about how mixed reviews played a role in approaching the design of the sequel, optional Wii MotionPlus Controls, rankings and in-game currency, multiplayer customizations and the friends vs. rivals system, and how the change to headset support improves the original game’s Wii Speak setup.

Part 2 – Conduit 2’s single-player campaign, Wii controls, weapons and branching paths.

Part 3 – High Voltage gives an early look at Conduit 2’s boss fights by going one-on-one with Leviathan, and also points out why they feel they’ve set an audio benchmark on the Wii.
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Graphics = Awe Inspiring
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The topic disappeared because I'm pretty sure that the general public isn't meant to see that footage. It's still amazing, and got me more excited for the game than all of the multiplayer footage combined.
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