Conduit 2 VS Goldeneye (One guys impression).

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6 years ago#1

Not bad.
6 years ago#2
The Wii is getting 5 shooters in less than a year from now, Conduit 2 GoldenEye CoD Black Ops Medal of Honor and Future Soldier.
Its going to be an intense battle, and we all win :D
6 years ago#3
I thought we weren't getting Medal of Honor. Has that changed?
6 years ago#4
Can I see where Medal of Honor was confirmed please?
I'm prettty sure the devs themselves said only Xbox and PS3. Even the official site says so.
6 years ago#5
Medal of Honor isn't coming to the Wii, sorry.
HAWX 2 is though.
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6 years ago#6
I always though it was going to be ported........

Well, 4 shooters for wii then
6 years ago#7
Cool. I feel bad. I won't be able to play with my brother for either game since I only have one CC and one nunchuk. Heck I won't even get to play with my friends since I only have two Wiimotes. :/

Anyway I'm really happy Conduit 2 is still more like Halo. Both sound extremely fun and I'm happy that they're not similar. I'll still probably get Conduit 2 first (or possible even only) due to it being more seemingly content-heavy.
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