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User Info: StatusCritical6

6 years ago#1
I have one question. I wasn't particularly fond of the mirror maps will this game have mirror maps or will they be unmirorred maps. By mirrored maps i mean looks identical on each side of the map.
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User Info: UltimateFlame13

6 years ago#2
The maps we've seen so far haven't been mirrored
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User Info: coolman229

6 years ago#3
We're glad we won you over to the fight for the earth.
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User Info: ddd87

6 years ago#4
So far the only mirrored maps in C2 are Streets and Sanctum.

User Info: HVSTony

6 years ago#5
Much less symmetrical maps.


User Info: psychobrew

6 years ago#6
"Much less symmetrical maps."

What I've seen looks excellent. Can you tell us if we're going to get more than 5 new ones (some of the E-3 previews stated 5 new multiplayer maps).

User Info: DarkZV2Beta

6 years ago#7
Their goal is 15 total multiplayer maps, which means a minimum of 7, probably more.
At least, last I heard.
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User Info: ddd87

6 years ago#8
In one of the vids (the one with the SP footage on the show floor) when asked about the maps I heard:

5 or 7 new maps
3 or 5 redesign of old maps
The favorite maps from the poll

I could've hear wrong, but this needs some clarification.

User Info: SupahShnipa

6 years ago#9
I'd like them to re-design Bunker and Complex, 2 fantastic maps.
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